Supercrooks is one of the Best new Anime’s on Netflix

Super Crooks is a spins off from Mark Millar’s Jupiter Legacy series. This story is from the villains narrative and centers around Johnny Bolt, his girlfriend Kasey, and her mentor Carmine aka The Heat.


What makes this series work better than the live action version of Jupiter Legacy is how the villains connects better than the heroes. They’re more relatable and their motives are clear.

All of the voice actors did a fantastic job with their characters. Jonah Scott (Johnny) Abby Trott (Kasey) Christopher Matts (Carmine) and more were charismatic and kept me invested.

The series does a great job balancing the action, humor, gore, and nudity. It’s not over highlighted. The animation visually is fantastic to watch. I loved the opening intro as the creators used a 70s tone for the anime.

The series does a fantastic job respecting the source material to the anime. The twist is the comic book story from the four issues isn’t adapted until episode 10. The first nine episodes serve as a prequel to the final 4 episodes. We get great character development leading into episode 10.


We haven’t heard of a renewal for a 2nd season yet but I’m sure with the positive reactions there will be a season 2.


If you’re a fan of anime or looking for a good series to watch go checkout Supercrooks on Netflix.


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