Rick and Morty brings more continuity in Season 6 Premiere

After another year of hiatus. Rick and Morty finally returned last night for the season 6 premiere. If you complained about the series not connecting well the premiere will throw a lot of continuity at you to show it connects and answers questions. Minor Spoilers a head. PROS What I love about the premiere is […]


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Talking The Boys &Bastard series

We are talking The Boys and Bastard anime series. Our thoughts on both series. What to expect in Season 4 of The Boys and part 2 of Bastard. We talk Marvel movies, and the continuing problems with Phase 4 after a disaster Thor Love and Thunder. Please subscribe and like my YouTube channel and thank […]

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Peacemaker is Worth Watching!

When the announcement of a Peacemaker series starring John Cena was announced by Warner Brothers and HBO Max. It was a huge head scratcher, because nobody was asking for a Peacemaker spinoff series from James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad movie. Even the trailer didn’t do enough to get fans and general audience excited. When the […]

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