Talking The Boys &Bastard series

We are talking The Boys and Bastard anime series. Our thoughts on both series. What to expect in Season 4 of The Boys and part 2 of Bastard. We talk Marvel movies, and the continuing problems with Phase 4 after a disaster Thor Love and Thunder. Please subscribe and like my YouTube channel and thank […]

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The Social Romes Episode 3

In this episode myself and Digital discuss Invincible series on Amazon Prime. We also talk a little bit of The Guyver series and franchise, Mortal Kombat Sequel rumors, and what we think could fix the Mortal Kombat franchise in the right direction in the sequel. Heavy SPOILERS!!! If you like the show please click like […]

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Batman Ninja : Review

NO SPOILERS Batman Ninja, is a Batman story that no Batman fan has ever seen before. Batman Ninja is a story that takes Batman and the Bat family back in time to Japan and battle Batman’s rogue gallery of villains to get back to modern Gotham city. Pros. The animation in Batman Ninja is gorgeous […]

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