Prey is in the same League as the OG Predator film!

Prey is a prequel Film from the Predator franchise. As it goes back to basic and brings a story that audience will love and talk about for years to come. The film stars Amber Midthunder (Roswell) and is directed by Dan Trachtenberg who is best known for 10 Cloverfield Lane. Minor Spoilers. PROS This film […]


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X-Men 20th Anniversary

Even though Blade was the first Marvel Comic Book movie to succeed before the first X-Men movie was released on July 14th 2000. Blade was never viewed as a Marvel superhero. Most general audience at the time didn’t know he was a Marvel Comic Book character. One of the reasons Batman had four movies from […]

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2019 Marvel Comic Con: Recap

Lots of news came out of San Diego Comic-Con 2019 for Marvel. Marvel is the clear winner in 2019 for creating the biggest buzz out of Hall H when making their announcements on Saturday night east cost time. Kevin Feige continues to surprise many comic book fans with the direction of phase 4. Just when […]

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Dark Phoenix Movie: Review

The final movie of Fox’s X-Men series ends with Dark Phoenix. With all the negativity surrounding the final movie by critics. Is it the worst X-Men movie ever made by Fox or is it at least a watchable movie that movie audience can at least enjoy. (MINOR SPOILERS) PROS This is the most Cyclops we’ve […]

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