Marvels Hawkeye Series has a fun start for Episodes 1&2

Hawkeye is the 5th MCU tv series on Disney Plus. The series centers around future new Hawkeye Kate Bishop played by Hailee Steinfeld and costars OG Avenger’s Hawkeye Clint Barton played by Jeremy Renner. No Spoilers


I am glad we are getting more of Clint Barton’s character and the aftermath of one of the OG Avenger members from End Game. He’s still mourning the loss of his best friend Natasha/Black Widow. He is still adjusting to normal life again and not taking for granted having his family back from the blip.

I am liking Kate Bishop and how she was one of the many people who was inspired by the Avenger’s after the invasion of NYC in first Avenger’s movie. This is a story about her and how she gets sucked into the superheroe world.

There’s a lot good action scenes with Kate and Clint. We will learn very quickly how they collide with each other. We get a few light heart moments with Clint and his family.


No surprise Marvel Studios still has a villain problem. We meet someone who is connect to Kate’s family who is easily the villain with Disney influence because of the fueling mustache he has.

Not all of the witty sense of humor works. It’s clear who ever is running the show is using the copy and paste formula from previous movies and shows.


Both episode were full of action pack fun but that’s about it. Lots of Die Hard and Lethal Weapon inspiration for Marvels Hawkeye. Nothing from both episodes have yet leave us with a big surprise or twist like the previous live action series did.


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