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Myself Rebel Otako talks about the Death of Superman direct DVD animated series. There is SPOILERS in the video as we talk heavy spoilers in our discussion. If you love anime, video games, and comic books subscribe to Rebel Otako YouTube channel.


My thoughts on the Batwoman live action series

Over a month ago it was announced by The CW or Warner Brothers that Batwoman will be featured in the upcoming Arrowverse cross over special, and the announcement of her own series on the CW network. Four days ago it was announced that actress Ruby Rose from John Wick Chapter 2, and the now released Meg film will star as Kate Kane/Batwoman in the upcoming Arrowverse special an in the Batwoman series.

Thoughts on casting

I think casting Ruby Rose as the title character is a great choice, because she will bring a lot of high energy and tons of action into everything she’s done from her past work into Batwoman. She was in recently in two high profile action sequels in XXX: Return of Xander Cage, and in John Wick Chapter Two. She did a fantastic job in both film in her performance especially, her action scenes with Keanu Reeves and Van Diesel. She has the right look an style to bring Kate Kane from the Greg Rucka, and J.H. Williams comic book run to life. Greg Berlanti and Geoff Johns found the right actress for Kate Kane/Batwoman.

What I hope to see from the show.

I am hoping the show, an the look of the show will take a lot of heavy inspiration from Greg Rucka and J.H. Williams Batwoman story run in Detective Comic run back in 2008 that run on Batwoman is one of the best story run in recent memory. Everything that made Batwoman a popular superhero she is today can from their run. Greg Rucka who was the writer is one of the people who is responsible for all of the changes on Batwoman/ Kate Kanes. It’s this Story run from this creative team is why Batwoman is getting a series. If you read their run in graphic novel form it feels like two season show.

Villains and Supporting Cast

One of the great things about Greg Rucka and J.H Williams run is the new created villains, crime organizations or cults in their Batwoman run. One of their new character Alice who was Batwoman’s main antagonist throughout their run, was a perfect opposite for Kate Kane. Hopefully we see Rene Montoya and Maggie Sawyer featured in the series. Rene Montoya was a big part of Kate Kane in the 52 series run. While Maggie Sawyer was part in the Detective Comic run. Kate Kane’ s father plays a huge role in Batwoman nights out, and Betty Kane is part of her mythology so I expect to see this in her series.

Keep her Origins intact!

I know the CW network mention we won’t see Batman in the Arrowverse, but part of Batwoman’s origin is her inspiration from Batman, that leads her to become Batwoman. In Greg Rucka and J.H Williams run they use Batman in the shadows without the readers fully seeing Batman when he save a young Kate Kane. This could work when Berlanti decides to do her origin. Even though Batwoman operates in Gotham, we didn’t see any Batman since Batwoman operates a certain part in Gotham. I am hoping the show keeps her entire origin story from their run for the show, because her origin is very good and can be relatable to people who are from the LGBTQ community who are in or trying to be in the military.


I think it’s great Batwoman is getting her due, because she is the most popular and successful LGBTQ superhero that is currently out there. Hopefully we hear more news about the Arrowverse special and her live action series.

Reported Rumors on Matt Reeves Batman film!

The two giant rumors reported today according to Sebastian Pierces from Heroic Hollywood, has reported Matt Reeves Batman film will draw heavy influences from Frank Millers Batman Year, and will feature Harvy Dent leading to become Two-Face, and the Penguin as the main villain. There is no report if this will follow the DC crossover filmverse. Hopefully we will hear more as time goes by.

The second rumor from Heroic Hollywood, is that Matt Reeves is looking to cast a younger Bruce Wayne/Batman. The report is Jack Huston is the lead candidate to play the title role. Jack Huston is welk known from Boardwalk Empire, and in American Hustle film. Matt Reeves has already been reported to building a crew to get ready to film the movie next year.

My Thoughts

My first reaction after hearing the year one influences for the film is half right. I think Matt Reeves is taking influences from Batman Earth One graphic novel, because the Penguin was the main villain in the first volume in the graphic novel and it was a origin story to that version of Batman. I think they will use the Gordon and Batman relationship from year one mixed with Penguin earth one influences. Matt Reeves has spoke highly of Christopher Nolans Batman take, this would fit with the rumors reported, because year one was heavily influenced in Batman Begins. You can click below to the article

Review: The Death of Superman animated movie

(No Spoilers)We have seen many versions of the death of Superman. The quick Superman: Doomsday animated film, and the awful interpretation of Superman death in Batman v. Superman film. I was very skeptical about seeing another take of The Death of Superman story in another animated movie, but this animated version of the death of Superman is the best I have seen, since Dan Jurgen’s death of Superman story from the early 90s.


What made this a really good animation movie is how well it captures the heart of the story from the comics. What stands out to me is not Superman, but Clack Kent. Seeing a more modernization of what Clark Kent is in this movie is well done. Peter Tomasi who wrote the script to the animated film captured the great embodiment of the humanity in Superman and Clark Kent. Clark Kent in this is still a mild-mannered reporter, raised in rural Kansas; shy and awkward like he has anxiety issues around people. The movie it self feels like a lost episode of Superman the animated series, or Justice League Unlimited because the influence is very familiar, and with a little bit of John Brynes Man of Steel stories. Lots of great references to past Superman stories and movies.

Doomsday is built up to be a true threat to Superman like in the comics book story. When Doomsday clashes with Superman in the film you’re emotionally invested in their fight, because of how well it is built up. When Superman saves people he always smiles, and gives everyone hope the way he is supposed to be, especially when things get tough he is quick to save people instead of fight his enemies.


My biggest con for the movie is this should of been a much longer than 120 minutes. Some of the screen time focus on another Justice League member an no it is not Batman.

Overall : 9/10

The Death of Superman captures everything you love about Superman, Clark Kent, and his supporting cast of characters from the Superman world leading up to his biggest fight of life against Doomsday. There is a lot of teases planted for the part two of this Story in The Reign of the Supermen.

Comic Con 2018 Marvel Recap

Even tho Marvel Studios was not Comic-Con 2018 this weekend. All other things Marvel from comics and other media platforms had some cool announcement to share. Here is a recap of what was announced by Marvel and related properties.

Marvel TV

Iron fist Season 2

It was announced it will be release this September 7 2018 I’m fan of Iron Fist, but season 1 was let down. I thought Danny Rad was much better in Defenders, and Luke Cage Season 2, hope Season 2 of Iron Fist is a lot better. Rumor has it Danny Rad will be wearing his Classic Iron Fist look in season 2 as we see Davos is wearing the mask.

So far Iron Fist Two looks promising.

Legion Season 3 is renewed

Legion follows Professor Xavier’ s son David. A detail season 3 trailer was released at comic con. You click on the link below from for trailer details

Cloak and Dagger renew for Season 2

The hit series has 2 episodes left, but it was announced season 2 will be back next year 2019

The Gifted Season 2

Comic-Con released the first trailer of season two, and announced the classic X-Men group Hellfire Club, Purifiers, and the character Morlocks will be featured in season two. You can click the link below for more details

Marvels Animation

Black Panther: Quest

During Marvels Animation they announced a Black Panther animated series called Black Panther Quest, and will feature all of the popular Black Panther supporting characters from the world of Wakanda will be featured.

Black Panther’s Quest will debut September 23rd on Disney XD

Marvels Spider-Man season 2

If you are a fan of this animated version of Spider-Man season two trailer was released. It is expected to have Kamala Khan who’s known as the current Ms Marvel, and Miles Morales Spider-Man and Spider Gwen.

For more details on both animated show click the link to CBR below.

Marvels Comic books

Spider-Gwen is now Ghost-Spider!

It was announced yesterday Gwen Stacy will go by Ghost-Spider going forward instead of Spider-Gwen.

Uncanny X-Men title returns!

It was announced that the uncanny X-Men title will be back as a monthly title in November 2018 no word on who is the creative team on the title. For more detail on both official comics book announcement at con click on below.

That’s all from Marvel

I am not going to mention the Venom and Spider-Verse panels as those are with Sony and not with Marvel. If I might have missed something my apologies.

Titans will drop 13 episodes on the DCU app

Dispite the mix reactions from the trailer, Warner Brothers today release the full list of episodes titles for the upcoming Titans live action series. You can check out The full list below.

Bleedingcool is reporting that all 13 episodes will be released entirely when it drops similar to what Netflix does with it series.

My Thoughts

I think it would be smart to slowly release some of the episodes because they just finished wrapping up season one in June. I releasing 5 episodes in September, 4 in December, and the last 4 in spring of 2019 that way they have quality an not feel rushed.

It’s rumored Titans will be released in late September. The DCU app is rumored to drop in late August early September 2018 if you want to read the article click below.