Its about time The Watchmen has its own TV series

With the official announcement on Tuesday night about The Watchmen becoming a HBO series I cannot stop thinking about all the great possibilities, because it will display and expand some parts from the book that didn’t make the film. I love The Watchmen film back in 2009 but having it become a HBO series almost guarantees it will be a thousand times better from the film.

Who knows if it will be a mini series or a series going beyond season one, but in my opinion I think having it as a series expanding past Season one would be better opportunity to introduce the prequel stories that were launched in 2012 by DC Comics. Those stories can be use to help introduced and influence standalone episodes for each character in the series. I think turning the Watchmen into a HBO series will be the best thing Warner Bros has done for the series. Hopefully we don’t see to many changes to the characters and their world from the graphic novel.

I would like to see this series build towards the Watchmen main story and have the first couple of season as prequel or prelude before the main story from the graphic novel. I think it will help the audience grow to love these characters, and watching their betrayal and death will be much more impact full. If HBO does multiple seasons in think certain characters like Rorschach, Nite Owl, Comedian, and Dr Manhattan should each be the main focus character leading into the Season finale.

I think the Season finale can easily be the main Watchmen story on its own after the first few seasons of build up. Whatever direction HBO does with Watchmen I’ll be looking forward to the series when it finally drops. I think with Game Thrones entering it’s final season in 2019 I think HBO found its answer when Game of Thrones is finished. I hope HBO and show runner Damon Lindelof will respect the source material but also add something new to these characters that will make the fresh and exciting.


Why Captain America trilogy films is the best Comic Book trilogy of all-time

With so many comic book trilogy series there is always one film that takes away the enjoyment of calling it a successful trilogy series. Most of the time it’s the third film of a trilogy series that kills the franchise and legacy. Spider-Man 3, Iron Man 3, The Dark Knight Rises, Blade: Trinity, Superman 3, and X-Men: The Last Stand all ended horribly and are ignored. In my opinion the reason why it’s tough to create a successful trilogy series, because movie studios gives the director more loosely creative control or the big cooperate studio companies interfere with the process in making the film.

With Marvels Studios Captain America trilogy series I cannot find anything wrong with each of the films to say any of them was a bad film. I think with the changes in Directors after Captain America: The First Avenger came out I believe is one of the big reason why Captain America had three successful films. The Russo Brothers coming in after Joe Johnsons finish his Captain America TFA film helped set the tone for Captain America by establishing the character in the modern world.

The secound reason why Captain America trilogy series was successful is the tone in films. The tone in Captain America: The First Avenger was a WW2 war film, Captain America: The Winter Solder, and Captain America: Civil War as a two part conspiracy thriller films.

The use of Villains in each film was the third reason that help Captain America have a successful trilogy series. Having Hugo Weaving as Red Skull, Robert Redford as Alexander Pierce, Frank Grillo as Crossbones, Toby Jones as Zola and Daniel Bruhl as Zemo all given a reason to destroy the world or create corruption around them brought out the best of Captain America for what he believed in and stand for in each film.

The final explanation why Captain America trilogy is the best Comic Book trilogy of all time is the amount of comic book source material is use for the three films. Ed Brubaker’s Captain America comic book run redefine Captain America as a solder more than a traditional superhero from past stories. Ed’s Captain America stories is the blue print of how the writer are able to make great captain America films be successful.

My predictions for Marvels Phase 4 and Beyond



The most anticipated and ten years in the making Marvels film The Avengers: infinity war comes out next year with GIANT expectations and is guaranteed to change the MCU forever. Marvel Studios will not announced any future films until the aftermath of Infinite War. However we do know there will be a Guardians of the Galaxy vol 3, and a Spider-Man sequel to homecoming. I’m sure Marvel will announces sequels to Dr. Strange, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and a third Ant-Man film.  In my opinion I expect the Avengers 4 sequel to be named The New Avengers.  I think the surprise films that will be made will be a Iron Man 4, Nova, Sub Mariner, The Avengers: Secret Invasion, and a surprising forth Captain America film called Captain America: Reborn.

Two reasons why Captain America dies in Infinite War is one Captain America and Thanos scene in Infinite Gauntlet story line is one of the greatest captain america moments of all time, and I expect Captain America and Thanos in The Infinite War film to mirror that moment on a much bigger scale. The second reason I believe Captain America won’t make it out of Infinite War is because Chris Evans only has one film left, with Marvel Studios. However Sabastian Stan has three more films left after Infinite War.

I am willing to bet The Avengers fourth film will be titled The New Avengers staring Iron Man, Hulk, Bucky’Capt Thor, Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, Vision, Black Panther, Black Widow, Ant-Man and the Wasp. I believe The New Avengers will rise up against Thanos and whatever threat that will be with him in the forth film. I have a gut feeling The New Avengers film will be inspired by Marvel’s Heroic Age from the comics. For the forth Avengers film I do not expect it to be about the Skrulls. I think the Secret Invasion storyline should be build up in anticipation similar way as Thanos and infinity war film was. Probably in seven years in the making instead of ten though.

My prediction for the future of the Captain America film franchise is Bucky will  take over the Captain America mantel and will debut as Captain America in The New Avengers. Some how just like  Brubaker’s Captain America series, Tony Stark and Bucky will put their differences aside for Steve, and work together to save the world again. I think the Captain America:Reborn will have Bucky questioning himself if he’s worthy as Steve’s successor, because of his history as the Winter Solder. The film’s villain should be The Red Skull’s daughter. I think Captain America: Reborn will be the first true passing the mantel film, and I hope it will be a success. Sebastian Stan was asked recently about Bucky’s future in the MCU and was asked a bout the possibility of his character taking over the Captain America mantel and legacy.  He does play coy about it with his interview about the future of Bucky Barnes in the video below. .


The Fantastic Four film franchise returns to Marvel Studios. Yesterday Stan Lee shares his optimism of Fantastic For and the X-Men film franchise  returning to the Marvel Studios. In My opinion I believe there is something there about Marvel Studios working out a deal with Fox similar to how Marvel studios made a deal with Sony about Spider-Man for the Fantastic Four franchise, but I am to bet Fox will not surrender the X-Men franchise,because Deadpool, the rebooted X-Men series, and TV series happening  Marvel Studios will not get the X-Men franchise back. With the Skrulls back in play with Marvel studios in my opinion Fantastic Four will be coming home to Marvel Studios much sooner than expected, because Fox doesn’t know what to do with that franchise, after completely destroying it.

Overall Marvel Studios has the machine running on full blast. I am sure Kevin Feige has a ten to fifteen year plan of  MCU films. I am sure will be getting tons of sequels from Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Guardians of the Galaxy, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and Antman. I think surprising films will be a 4th Captain America film staring Sabastian Stan as Bucky’Capt. I am sure we will finally get the long waited Submariner film, maybe a 4th Iron Man film depending on how much Marvel is will to sell Robert Downy on a 4th installment, and hopeful a Fantastic Four film produce by Marvel Studios. As a Hulk film I think Mark Ruffalo deserves his own Hulk film but I doubt Hulk will get another opportunity for a standalone film. I think he serves better as Avengers used only.  I am sure us the fans will get the Avengers Secret Invasion film as a fifth  installment in The Avengers film franchise, because of the introduction to the Skrulls in the upcoming Captain Marvel film, but who knows what Marvel is  planing for Avengers sixth film…maybe Dark Avengers, Seige, Civil War two, or Secret Wars?  As a long time fan I am enjoying the moment of comic book movies especially from Marvel Studios.


R.I.P To Comic Book Great Len Wein June 12, 1948 to September 10, 2017


This evening tragic news about comic book great Len Wein who passed away. I’ve never met the man, but I am a big fan of his work in comic books and the many contribute he’s done for the medium.  For those who are not familiar with who he is you will know his work very well, because he is the lead co creator of Wolverine and Swamp Thing.  He was also the editor of the greatest graphic novel The Watchmen with Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. Len Wein has written many superheroes comic book stories going back to the beginning of the 70’s. Beside co creating two iconic characters that will outlive us all. He revived the X-Men comic book series in the mid 70’s after Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s run.  His run on the X-men is just as legendary as Chris Claremont’s X-Men’s run. He wrote many great Batman stories in Detective Comics, Batman and the Outsiders and his cross over stories with Batman and Swamp Thing. He is one of the many writers such as Dennis O’Neil, Roy Thomas, Kurt Brusiek, Alan Moore, Gerry Conway, Marv Wolfman, and Steve Englehart  whom jump start the modern comic book era.

His contribute does go unnoticed, but should get more attention to because without his X-Men run with new X-Men we do not get characters he co create such as Storm, Nightcrawler, and Colossus. X-Men mythology looks very different without his contributions. In  His imprit is all over DC Comics, he was involve as editor in the beginning of the New Teen Titans series with Marv Wolfman and George Perez.

I have a lot of favorite comic book stories, from Len Wein, but my personal favorite run that he was part of was his X-Men series. Introducing new characters, and adding diverse characters to the X-Men at a time when there was very little diversity happening during that period was a big deal, and was a big draw that help the X-Men mythology successful and still popular today. 

It’s very sad news to hear a great Comic Book legend in the industry is no longer with us, but his long body of work through comic books and stories in other mediums will keep his name and legacy alive and talk about. If comic book readers would like to check out his work in the industry I highly recommend picking up his Swamp Thing stories, Batman and The Outsiders, Detective Comics, The Human Target, Justice League of America and The New X-Men series run that is heavily influences in the X-Men films such as X-Men, and X-Men 2.

My Opinion on how to make a successful Green Lantern film

Since Ryan Reynold’s Green Lantern film tanked to the ground and cost Warner Brothers millions of dollars to make back in 2011. Warner Brothers is afraid to touch Green Lantern and his world, which is a shame. I know they announces a “Green Lantern Corps film” but it is not a promise this film will be made, because there is no release date, a director, or an actor attached to this film. The only news close to official about Green Lantern Corps film was early this year on January 12, 2017, when Deadline reported that David Goyer (Blade Trinity) and Justin Rhodes will be writing the film’s script.David Goyer and Geoff Johns are both reportedly producing the film with Jon Berg as executive producer’s base on a story.

According to, back in March 17 2017 reported David Goyer might be the lead to direct the Green Lantern Corps. If it ends up being true this film is already doom from the start. The last major superhero film franchise Goyer directed was Blade trinity. There was reports of issues between Goyer and lead actor Wesley Snipes. The other highlight of Blade Trinity David Goyer could not decide on what ending to use for that film. He decided to use all of the ending scenes in the film and confuse the audience with it’s ending. We have not seen Goyer direct anything since a film called Unborn and that was poorly receive from critics.  I’m sure David Goyer has some good ideas as a writer but he is in no way a film director in my opinion.


Warner Brothers should handle the Green Lantern film franchise by not doing another origin story, but telling a Green Lantern story that is far, far away from planet earth and introduce movie audiences to a new world the audience will invest their time. The main character should not be focus on Hal Jordan, but the focus should be on  John Stewart Green Lantern, because of the success in the Justice League animated series. Having John Stewart as a establish veteran Green Lantern, who is part of the corps policing in the deep space of the galaxy protecting and serving different worlds is the perfect way to reintroduce the Green Lantern mytho’s.


.  Green Lantern mytho’s doesn’t have a strong rogue of villains beside Sinestro, but introducing a character like Mongul as the villain in a Green Lantern film will defiantly draw appeal from moviegoers to see a Green Lantern film. Introducing the Tamaran race, Lobo, and many other characters from the far part of the DCEU will help draw appeal and build potential spin-offs from the Green Lantern franchise if it’s done correctly.




I know Warner Brothers is in the work in progress of making a Green Lantern Corps film, hopefully with whatever direction they use in Green Lantern franchise It can’t be as worse as the Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern film. I am a fan of Ryan Reynolds but it wasn’t his fault the Green Lantern film was bad. Creatively the writers tried to incorporate three different stories to fit in one film.  If the focus was on one story and one setting the same way Bruce Timm’s Green Lantern: First Flight did I think it would have seen a better film.  I hope we do get another Green Lantern film, because the Green Lantern universe is made for a film and with the right people can be a big hit just like the Wonder Woman film.





Review: Stephen King’s IT Remake 2017



No Spoilers Review

If anyone is looking for  a great horror film Stephen King’s IT remake is defiantly a must see for any horror fan.  It has scare, it has dark humor, and it’s a HARD Rated R. I will warn people this film does not hold back with its gruesome. Bill Skarsgard does a great job with his breakout performance as Pennywise by adding something new to an iconic character. This film does follow more of the novel, and displays a lot of heart with the Loser Club. For me Richie played by Finn Wolfard (Stranger Things) and Biverly played by newcomer Sophia Lillis steal this film and gives a great performances as their characters.  Director Andy Muschietti (Mama) gives horror fans a fresh take by making IT more of stand alone with the main focus as the Loser club when they are children.


Overall: Movie goers will love the Loser Club and their stand against Pennywise. Stephen King’s IT remake is a classic in the making. I’m sure the studio is already green lighting the sequel as I write this review. I plan to go see this again and pick “IT”up when it comes out on Blue Ray.



                                                                           Score: 9/10

My opinion: The direction of DCU and The Watchmen universe

Going back to last year when DCU announce Rebirth, and the tease of the Watchmen universe integrated with the DCU. My eyes roll backed because it felt like DC Comics are at the tipping point of finding  original story telling anymore. In my opinion the story of Watchmen ended with Alan Moore’s Watchmen story regardless of how  DC Comics uses those characters going forward in the future.

A few years back DC Comics launch Watchmen prequels and tie-in stories. They were written and illustrated by well known creators, and it was a success for all comic book readers who miss reading about these characters. What bugs me is those prequels were very short and went away very quickly. I knew as a long time comic book reader DC Comics was testing the water and even whispers the Watchmen characters might be part of their new 52 line.  Even the rumors were almost accurate the fact DC Comics are trying to set-up the Watchmen characters as part of the DCU doesn’t feel right and takes away some of the prestige the watchmen characters have.


I am sure Geoff Johns and Gary Frank are going to knock it out the park with their DCU and Watchmen crossover story. Once their story is told I think long term the Watchmen characters should be better off either not connected to the DCU or left alone. Part of me is interested to read what DC Comics is doing with the Watchmen characters, but I feel like their world should be left alone and not be part of whatever their new DCU will look like after Geoff Johns twelve issue story is told.


Like many Comic Book readers, who invest a lot into comic books and love these characters. I will be reading Doomsday Clock and I hope love it and whatever direction DC Comics takes the Watchmen characters after Doomsday Clock I hope the direction is whats best for the characters and not a quick money grab. I can’t wait for Doomsday Clock with Superman vs Dr. Manhattan as the headline.