Spider-Man No Way Home is the Best Marvel movie Ever!

I apologize for my late review of Spiderman No Way Home. I have seen the movie twice and the first time I watched it I had so much to process in one viewing of the movie. This will be a full spoilers review of the movie so if you haven’t seen the movie do not […]

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MY Opinion: Disney&Sony Rumor

Sometime Thursday night into Friday morning rumors was swirling about a possible deal getting done by Disney and Sony to bring back Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The rumor started from Cosmic Comic News. Who are known not to be very accurate in the past. For what people may not know who did not […]

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Venom: Movie Review

Sony’s Spider-Verse film series without Spider-Man starts here with Tom Hardys Venom movie. Is it a good film or worst film? No Spoilers PROS There’s a lot of fun or gitty moments in the film,when we see Venom in action. Tom Hardy does a decent job with the material he’s given with for this film. […]

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