Titans Season Two Premiere: Review

After 7 months since the cliff hanger from Titans season’s one left a bad taste. Titans is back to make this right in season two. Does the first episode ties things up from season one and move on to bigger things for season 2 as advertised? (Minor Spoilers Below)


The first episode continue right where everything left off in season one. We see Raven/Rachel and Garth/Beast Boy who both have big moments in the premier episode. We get our first look of the demonic Trigon this time. It’s clear WarnerMedia is putting a lot of money into this season, epically using the practical affects to bring Trigons true form to life. I was very surprised by how good the live action form of Trigon appeared. We get to see more Curren Walters as Jason Todd. He is a show stealer in the premier episode. Curren does a great job bring his over confidence and arrogance to Jason Todd like we seen him in the comic books. Audiences will want to see more of Jason Todd and Hawk interactions as the two of connect very well, even tho Hawk does not want to admit it.

The tone of the premier of Season 2 of Titans is less dark and more hopefull going into the second season. DC appears to be listening to what the audience wants from the show by having a better balance of light and dark tones. We finally get to see a more optimistic Dick Grayson by the closing episode of the season two premiere which is off to a great start. We get our first look of Esai Morales as Slade/Deathstroke and Demore Barnes as Wintergreen who is Slades trusted and loyal friend. The episodes teases Deathstroke return from coming out of retirement after he hears the Titans are back. We only get a small tease of Slade Wilson and what his motives are for this season.

The premier episode gives us or first appearance of Ian Glenn as Bruce Wayne. We see after the Trigon battle Dick who appears like the one DC fans are familiar with from the comic books. Bruce and Dick relationship mirrors the father and son relation we’ve seen in different incarnations of these two iconic charaters . The premier episode leaves fans excited to what is in-store for season 2.


With a lot of over thinking for Titans Season one. It’s a shame the conclusion to Trigon and his battle with Raven wasn’t flesh out in the original 13 episodes for season 1, because the conclusion for the Trigon and Raven arch does feel rushed in the premier episode. I can see the budget might have been the real issue as to why they release 11 episodes instead of 13 episodes for season one. Epically with presenting Trigons demonic look from the comics and adding a lot of practical affects in the final persume two episodes could easily be the reason why they were scrapped.Hopefully this is not the last time we see Trigon in the series.


Even tho the conclusion to Trigon and his battle with Raven was short. Season two of Titans present more heart of the characters we love from DC Comics. Titans Season Two present there’s hope for this season, and the show has found the tone and displays giant promises for this season of Titans.


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