IT Chapter 2 Movie: Review

I’ve been waiting to see the sequel since chapter 1 ended in theaters of 2017. The remake of IT staring Bill Skarsgard as the lead and infamous clown Pennywise from the first one is a instant classic. My only hope for chapter 2 is to have a better ending then the 90s version, and the adult actors to try and continue to bring the character chemistry as their child counterparts did in the first one. Finally I hope Director Andy Muschietti presents a very good story on screen. Does IT Chapter 2 continue the great minimum it had from chapter 1 and lives it up? (NO SPOILERS)


The adult counterparts to our favorite losers did a fantastic job in their potrayls of Bill, Beverly, Richie, Ed, Ben, and Mike. The bickering between Bill Hader’s Richie and James Ransone’s Eddie is spot on from their kids counter part from part one. Bill Hader’s performance as Richie is easy the best thing from chapter two.

Chapter two in my opinion did a good job executing the story Andy Muschietti is trying to present in terms of the drama with in the losers group. Chapter two keeps the heart of the Losers from chapter one with The adult cast. Bill Skarsgard continues where he left off as Pennywise the killer clown from chapter one right out of the gate.

Andy Muschietti present a solid scare scenes from practical affects like he did in chapter one. I did like the changes made for this movie and the different conclusion IT Chapter 2 present to the audience that I think will satisfied fans who enjoyed the tv 90s version.


My biggest issue with Chapter 2 is that there is a lot of CGI that did not work well for the sequel. I enjoyed the practical affects but the CGI for the scare or jump scenes did not present well on screen. There are some scenes that are very trippy and can easily effect someone’s eyes. The trippy scenes will make audiences have a tough time to listen to what the characters are saying to each other. I do feel like Pennywise the clown form is under used mostly in favor of CGI transformation form when he is going after the Losers.

I love the kids in the first film, but the focus should’ve been more on the adults then the kids. It would’ve been great to see more of the adult losers and what their lives an relationship they have built since leaving Dairy. If you love the book you will be let down by some important moments by the other characters who only made cameo appearances.

The movie is very long and we do get some slow build ups, especially when audience want to see the adult cast reunites after getting the call from Mike. Chapter two does feel tone down just a bit with the blood when comparing it to Chapter one. This movie is almost 3 hours long and some things from the movie are dragged out then what it should be.


IT Chapter Two does a fantastic job of maintaining the heart of the Losers with the adult cast. Bill, Beverly, Richie, Ben, Eddie, and Mike all have a defining moment against Pennywise, and facing their demons of their past from Chapter One. It Chapter Two is not as great as Chapter One, because of the over use of CGI but it is better horror sequel compared to other horror movie sequels. We do get a better conclusion compared to the 90s version.


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