Titans Season Two, Episode Two: TV Review

Titans (2018 TV series) title card.png

Episode one of the second season of Titans premiered over a week ago. However episode two was dropped yesterday, and the second episode feels like a true season two premiere episode compared to the first episode, because Titans is changing their tone in direction compared to the first dark and gritty first season. (MINOR SPOILERS)


Titans gets a 3 month time jump as a fresh start for the second season. Brenton’s Dick Grayson is more of the optimist and a hopeful Dick Grayson that Nigtwing fans from Young Justice TV series, and from the comic books are more familiar with. Going from Fuck Batman in season one to now back on talking terms with Bruce Wayne. Dick does seek advise quietly from Bruce on how to get through teenagers like himself once and learning how to be the leader he knows he can be for the incarnation of the new Titans. I am enjoying Iain Glenn’s Bruce Wayne’s portrayal, because his chemistry with Brenton’s Dick Grayson works great for this incarnation of Bruce and Dick having a father and son relationship as seen in the comic books. Iain Glenn Bruce Wayne could easily be seen as an older Michael Keaton or a serious Adam West version of Bruce Wayne Dick is trying his best to help his friends and mentoring an impatient Jason Todd who made it known to him he is now Robin not him. I enjoyed Jason’s reaction when that was said to him by Dick and how much it meant for Jason to hear that , because he still feels like he is under Dick Grayson’s shadow as Robin.

I am glad we get more Hank and Dawn in this episode, and where their relationship has turn to after the Trigon episode. Alan Ritchson’s who plays Hank/Hawk is fantastic in this episode. Hank has turn a new leaf since we last seen him, and he is okay with living a normal life after watching Dawn in a coma in season one. We get some cool action moments from Dove busting up some meth house and kicking a bunch of drug dealer’s asses. We get to see Kory and Donna working together to tract down a minor villain known as Shimmer. They still have a frienime kind of relationship, which works for the series in my opinion. We get our first live action villain appearance of Doctor Light. The villain is played by Michael Mosley who we only seen a little of in the episode. He does have the traditional Doctor Light look from the comic books and from the teen titans cartoon series. The difference from the comic books is that he is a bigger threat on the series because he can use people was light bombs which was never done in any adaptation the character and makes him bigger treat/villain for the series.

I am enjoying the iterations with Jason, Garth, and Rachel. Jason continues to be sneaky behind Dick’s back and Garth follows. it is typical Jason Todd doing what he thinks is best and not what people are telling him. I love the Rachel and Dick brother and sister relationship they have. Episode two has some surprising nods and Easter eggs related to the comic book history of Teen Titans.


Titans have a lot of characters to juggle in this episode. I did like seeing the debut of Rose played by Chelsea Zhang, but I think with all of the characters juggle around in this episode to give the audience what are they doing after Trigon. I would’ve liked to see more of her first interactions with Jason, Garth, and Rachel. The episode is only 40 minutes long, and not the usual 50 to 60 minutes episode that I would’ve liked. The extra 10 minutes could’ve focus on Rose interactions with the other characters at Titans tower. The title is called Rose and a little more focus of her time in Titans Tower could’ve been nice. We have yet to meet the debut of Josh Orpin’s Superboy and his dog Krypto. Hopefully we get to finally meet him in the next episode.


Dispite episode one being the premiere episode, episode two is the true premiere for this season of Titans. This is a stronger episode with a much needed fresh tone. The Titans series is fleshing out the comic book source material of the DC Universe from the comics. It is definitely moving on from the too dark and gritty tone from season one and presenting season two with a lighter tone that will balance the gritty.


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