Rick and Morty brings more continuity in Season 6 Premiere

After another year of hiatus. Rick and Morty finally returned last night for the season 6 premiere. If you complained about the series not connecting well the premiere will throw a lot of continuity at you to show it connects and answers questions. Minor Spoilers a head.


What I love about the premiere is how many questions the episode answered. Was that the same Jerry that we have been watching since season 2? Is Morty prime Morty? Who killed Rick’s family?

Many of these questions were answered. With some surprises to set up season 6. I did like that the episode emulates Marvel’s Avengers End Game because the beginning of the episode took a lot of memorable scenes. Like Rick who has no food and is ready to die in space until real Beth reuses him just like Captain Marvel rescue Tony Stark.

We get other Marvel references from the show one of them was very clear when Summer put on X2 claws. We got a few Batman references when we meet Prime Jerry who we haven’t seen since season one which was probably the coolest Jerry from the series in my opinion.


I can’t think I did not like this episode, because the premiere episode did a great job connecting to previous seasons and left audiences wanting more.


This might be the best premiere yet from the series become of how the season sets up for this season with a new villain from Prime Rick and with our Rick who is tragically broken and is out for blood.


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