Clerks 3 Will make you laugh and Cry

Kevin Smith returns with his long-awaited Clerks 3. The story centers around Randal(Jeff Anderson) who has a heart in the film and now wants to do his movie about his life in a convenience store from his youth days with Dante or based on the first Clerks film. Minor Spoilers!


I loved all the movie references, star wars, and comic book movie references. It was great to watch Dante and Randal again. It was like catching up with two old friends I have seen for a long time. I enjoyed some of the callbacks from the two previous films.

Kevin Smith makes it clear this is the last of the Clerks movies because he does not hold back in Clerks 3. When Kevin Smith writes seriously he’s really good. I thought Dante Hicks played by Bill O’Halloran who in my opinion, steals the movie at the end with a great scene.

I’m surprised, Trevor Fehrman who plays Elias hasn’t been seen in anything else since Clerks 2. He’s pretty funny and good in this one and like in Clerks 2 we get good comedy moments with him and Randal.


My biggest issue is how much the movie beats us over with Clerks One because every 5 minutes something needs to be mentioned or references from the first movie.

Silent Bob isn’t as silent as he use to be as he has a lot of dialogue in this film. We see more Kevin Smith than Silent Bob in the movie.

Overall 8/10

This movie isn’t perfect and it didn’t meet my expectations but that’s okay because I enjoyed the fuck out of the movie. I laughed I was surprised and I felt olf. Like Boston John says What the “F@ck Dude.”


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