REVIEW: Godzilla vs Kong

Godzilla vs Kong is the 4th installment in the Godzilla and Kong modern movie universe, that Warner Brother’s has been building up to a Godzilla vs King Kong movie. If audiences is looking for a good monster slugfest’s movie this is it. The movie stars Alexander Skarsgard, Millie Bobby Brown, Brian Tyree Henry, and Rebecca Hall.


I loved all of the fights between Godzilla and Kong. I was very impress with the CGI and effect for the film. Even though Godzilla has lead billing the movie feels more of a direct sequel to Kong from Kong Skull Island. The film’s writing I thought did a good job balancing the two stories. One story is the characters for Godzilla and the other for Kong.

The Kong story with his characters that include Alexander Skarsgard and Rebecca Hall made sense for the story they are trying to tell. This is a full on popcorn action packed blockbuster movie, and that is what this is.

We obviously know Mechagodzilla is in the movie. I loved how they presented Mechagodzilla and how big of a threat he is towards Godzilla. Lots of the monster fights will be the highlight of the film. This is what this movie is and shows a lot of that. The story they presented to make sense as to why Kong and Godzilla fights is understandable.


The Godzilla character story narrative with Millie Bobby Brown and Brian Tyree Henry was not needed for this movie. Some of the story points will make audiences of Godzilla frustrated. I am a fan of Brian Tyree Henry, and he was good in this but was sometimes over the top because he was the comedy relief for the film. The characters from the Godzilla King of the Monster did not need to be in this at all.

OVERALL 7.5/10

Godzilla vs Kong is a better movie than Godzilla King of the Monsters, but doesn’t take the top spot from Kong Skull Island as the top film of the movie series. It’s one of the best monster fight movies in recent memory.


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