OPINION: Moving on from New Gods and Trenches and Whats Next for WB

With the news over the weekend that Warner Brothers is moving on from the Aquaman spin-off Trench movie, and Ava DuVernay and Tom King’s New Gods film is now scrapped is not surprising. If people have noticed Ava has a busy schedule with other projects such as DMZ which is based on a comic book. DMZ will star Rosario Dawson, Benjamin Bratt, and Freddie Myers. As for Tom King I am sure he has other things going on. I recommend people to read his Batman and Catwoman mini series. It’s a good read. Plus with the success of Zack Snyder’s Justice League Cut now playing on HBO Max. It’s not clear if AT&T interfered with Warner Brother’s Plans and wants to go in a new direction with fans wanting more from that version from Zack Snyder. We know Warner Brothers has a rebooted Superman movie, Michael B. Jordan’s Static Shock, Blue Beatle and now Zantanna in development.

In my opinion the Zantanna movie in development shouldn’t be surprise for people since Marvel’s Doctor Strange is a successful franchise, especially with his sequel coming out next year, and WandVision being a huge hit for Disney Plus. It was a matter of time from someone at Warner Brothers to look at who can rival Wanda/Scarlett Witch. Remember everyone Warner Brothers is a reactionary studio. They will go with what is trending and what will be an easy quick buck with their movies and shows. Which is why they fast pace a DCEU and screwing Zack Snyder after the time he invested with his time for his DCEU vision that he won’t get back.


The cancellation of The Trench movie, and New Gods shouldn’t be surprising, because we’ve seen this before with a Cyborg, Green Lantern Corps, and Batgirl films in development. We know Christina Hodson is writing a Batgirl movie for now HBO Max which will see if it still happens. Her Batgirl story is depended on her story she wrote for Ezra Miller’s Flashpoint movie that should already be shooting. Geoff Johns is still developing a Green Lantern Corps buddy cop movie with Hal Jordan and Jon Stewart but it will be a matter of time before that will be scrapped since his time is focusing on Stargirl season two, and other comic books and TV projects he a part of like Superman and Lois for the CW series.

In my opinion I like that they are doing something with Static Shock even though Michael B. Jordan I am sure approached Walter Hamada about doing something with the character since Warner Brothers has no clue how popular Static Shock really is thanks to his animated series from the early 2000’s. I would love to see someone from Warner Brothers with a brain and look at other characters from the Milestone comic books. Icon and Rockett should be a must for them to do something with. The characters and the world they are from fits with the current continuing issues in America. I am glad they are doing something with Zantanna but I am not sure if she’s a character that can sell on her own to an audiences. I think she is better suited in a supporting role in a Hellblazer series or movie with John Constantine. Fans would love to see Keanu Reeves return as John Constantine. His movie Constantine was surprisingly good. I would love to see him come back for a long awaited sequel called Hellblazer.

We know HBO Max has a Peacemaker series with John Cena that nobody is asking for. I would rather see a Black Canary series staring Jurnee Smollett-Bell. I thought she was one of the best things from Birds of Prey, and outshine Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn. I guess with the Peacemaker series will have to wait for James Gunn Suicide Squad film to come out to determine if that will be something fans want more of. It is obviously cleared Warner Brothers no matter who is in charge has not learn from their pre-successor’s mistakes. So far here is what expected to becoming out or in development from Warner Brothers from their DC stuff.

The Suicide Squad, The Batman, Shazam Two, Titans Season Three, Doom Patrol Season Three, Black Adam, Wonder Woman Three, Flashpoint or Flash22, Gotham series, Green Lantern Corps, Berlanti’s Green Lantern Series, Stargirl Season Two, Zantanna, Blue Beatle, Static Shock, Batgirl, Aquaman Two, and Superman reboot. I am not including the stuff that’s currently out only the stuff that’s shooting and in development.

Zack Snyder and HBO MAX

Will see what else Warner Brothers/ Walter Hamada, and Tobey Emmerich green lights next. If James Gunn’s Suicide Squad becomes a massive success I expect Warner Brothers to do more spinoffs from that movie. I am sure Tobey Emmerich would love to do something with Zack Snyder again. I don’t have any information but with Restore the Snyderverse trending by almost two million people on twitter it will be hard for Tobey Emmerich not to call Zack Snyder and asked would be interested in doing something for DC on HBO Max. Remember when the Snydercut trend on twitter and got the backing of the actors. AT&T big boss Tobey Emmerich reached out to Zack about what it will take to make the Justice League Snyder Cut a reality on HBO Max. I’m sure there has been some discussion about a new DC project with Zack Snyder. I personally believe he should be brought back to fix Wonder Woman’s franchise after Patty Jenkins burned the franchise to the ground.


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