REVIEW: The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Episode 3

Marvel Studio’s the Falcon and the Winter Solider series continues to move forward with the Bucky and Sam meeting Zemo for information on the new super solider program. Episode three reaches the half point of season one. In episode three we see Sharon Carter and Zemo reintroduce in the MCU and what have they been up to post End Game world. MINOR SPOILERS


I thought Zemo was the highlight from the episode. It was expected for him to be the highlight of the episode since the series was building for his return. The action and charismatic by Baron Zemo played Daniel Bruhl was fantastic. The episode presents how big of a threat Baron Zemo is in Captain America’s rogue gallery.

I thought this was the best episode for Sebastian Stan as Bucky. I love the fight scene with him pretending to be under the Winter Solider program with Baron Zemo or is that what we are supposed to believe and there still some of the program in him.

I loved the Flag-Smasher stuff with Karli played by Erin Kelleyman. We understand the motives of what the Flag-Smasher are suppose to be doing, but we see Karli get darker in a later scene that shows she is willing to get her hands dirty to accomplish her goals.


I wasn’t a fan of the Sharon Carter stuff because her story after End Game bugged me because she’s still on the run after Civil War. Nothing was mention about what happen between her an Steve. It is possible she might be a new villain or love interest for Sam.

There was a night club scene that did not serve any purpose besides trying to be funny with gothic Tobey Spider-Man 3 vibes with Baron Zemo. It was very cringing in my opinion. We see Zemo’s iconic mask with him but we don’t undersand why he cares about it yet since he never used the mask in Civil War.

Sam Wilson was the weakness part of the episode. There’s a horrible cringing scene with him taking a shot with snake balls in his drink. The story direction for this was horrible hopefully he gets built back up in episode four, since he’s expected to be Captain America by the end of season one.


This episode will leave audiences coming back for episode four, because of a surprise appearance, but other than the action with Zemo, everything else in this episode was an eye roller and very slow. There’s three episodes left who knows where this is going since the show so far is boring.


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