REVIEW: WandaVision Episode 7

Episode seven of WandaVision was released yesterday, and once again the show continues to get better and the audiences like myself screaming for more. If you have not watched the recent episode of WandaVision please do not read my review because I will have some SPOILERS in my review. Episode seven makes a few surprise reveals.


Monica Rambeau in my opinion was the highlight of episode seven. The episode is centered around her and how she is willing to risk her life to to save everyone at Westview. We see her character evolve into something bigger than a supporting character in WandaVision. If you’re a Marvel comic book fan you will be excited to see where her journey will lead her as it was hinted in episode seven. Teyonah Parris is breakout star from the series. I expect Kevin Feige has big plans for her as Monica Rambeau in her own series or in Captain Marvel Two. The scenes with Monica and Wanda will have audiences excited because of what is revealed or changes hinted about Monica. It’s very clear the series is building up a big confrontation between Wanda and Monica.

I enjoyed the Darcy and Vison stuff. Darcy is a the big fan of WandaVison and explaining to Vision as to what exactly is going on in Westview and who he is, but we know she is careful with how much she tells him. I loved the Munsters love letter intro about our big reveal with Agatha who is really another Witch from the Marvel Comics who was responsible for a lot of things in Westview.


I didn’t like the Modern Family sitcom love letter for the episode with Wanda. It was very cringing with Elizabeth Oleson performance in my opinion. With the big reveal of Kathryn’s Agatha character being the person behind everything in Westview . That was not a surprise, since it was hinted from previous episodes and the timing of it dragged to reveal was missed. Kathryn Hahn felt meh to me because she’s being another cheesy villain who is in a comic book tv series. Despite the expect reveal nothing else was add to it to make it bigger. The ending credits was also a meh for me.

Overall 7/10

The show is reaching it’s panicle so this episode is building up to a big climax in the final two episodes. Teyonah Parris’s performance as Monica Rambeau was the huge standout in the episode. With the reveal of where her journey is hinting at will have many fans of the original Captain Marvel very happy and excited. We have two more episodes


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