OPINION: Mortal Kombat Trailer

My take away from the new Mortal Kombat trailer is that the reboot movie it will be better than Mortal Kombat Annihilation which was the sequel to the original Mortal Kombat film staring Robin Shou, and Christopher Lambert. For those who have been hiding under a rock the first full trailer from Mortal Kombat that is set to be release on HBO Max and in the theaters on April 16th 2021. The synopsis for the reboot Mortal Kombat movie will center around a new character made for the movie who is named Cole Young or as I call him Corleone from Godfather. I mean when you say Cole Young fast it’s like you’re saying Corleone. Anyway Cole Young was a washed up MMA fighter who has a dragon/ Mortal Kombat symbol on his body. Subzero is hunting him down for reason not yet known. Cole Young who is played by Lewis Tan who was in Iron Fist series. Cole Young comes across or meets all of the big name Mortal Kombat characters we have played from the video games because he is centered around in the movie. I am


The fighting and the hardcore violence’s from the video games will defiantly be in the movie, because the trailers sells that to the fans whom love the games, because the first two movies was PG-13 and the reboot is a hard rated R movie. I love all of the looks for the Mortal Kombat characters. They all have a mixed of their class look twisted with a bit of a modernized look for the film. The biggest take away for me, is the martial arts styles for Subzero played by Joe Taslim from Warrior series, and Scorpion played by Hiroyuki Sanada from Ronin47. Their fighting styles for the characters looks fantastic. I love the call back of Subzero freezing Jax’s gun which is something he did to Sonya’s hand gun in the original movie.

I am happy with the casting choices for Scorpion, Sonya Blade and Jax’s who is played by Jessica McNamee from The Meg, and Mehcah Brooks from Supergirl series. I like the casting choices for Liu Kang played by Ludi Lin from the Power Rangers Reboot, and Actor Tadanobu Asano from Ronin47 as Lord Raiden. The casting is not a well known cast which is perfect for this movie. This trailer is setting the tone of how much action packed will be in the movie. The graphics/ CGI looks very good in the trailer. We see a few hidden surprises in the trailer such as Kabal, Reptile, and Goro who made quick shot in the trailer. I love how good Goro looks in the trailer. This film as I said is a full on action martial arts movie.


My biggest worry for the film is the story. I am not sure how much of the movie will focus on telling a good story, because the trailer is selling fans the violence’s and fatalities of the movie, which I think should’ve been save for when we see the movie. Even though it is a good trailer lets hope the movie lives up to the hyped expectations the trailer presented to the audiences. The story does scream Street Fighter movie vibes because that movie created a new character for the movie which stared Jean Claude Van Dame who comes across all of the well known street fighter characters from the video game. The movie is one of the worst movies and video game movies.

Some of the story or character background information is changed for the movie. Like Kano, who is part of the Earth Realm Defenders of Sonya Blade, Jax, Liu Kang, Kung Lao, and Lord Raiden which is strange to see Kano in that position after the history of Mortal Kombat has him as a loyal allie to Shang Tsung. Maybe he betrayer’s The Earth Realm’s defenders in the movie which I think will happen. There is some cheesiness in the dialogue because movie people in Warner Brothers see this as a video game movie and not a movie to be taken seriously. I’m curious if we see Mileena’s full look. As we see her licking her sai weapon but we don’t see her face transform into a venom like face. Hopefully we see her full look in the movie. I am wondering if the first tournament already happen as it appears the characters are already establish as the Earth Realm Defenders. I am curious to what happen to Johnny Cage for the movie, but we know he died in the Mortal Kombat Annihilation Which sucks he is not featured in the movie at all.


This trailer did it’s job to hype fans and martial art fans like myself hyped up to watch the movie. Hopefully the movie does not dropped the ball. Base of the credits it doesn’t look like Ed Boon or John Tobias had anything to do with making the movie beside getting the credit for the characters they created from the games. I think the reboot movie takes place sometime after the first tournament or events from Mortal Kombat one the video game. It is possible Cole Young, might be someone connect to one of the big name Mortal Kombat characters. We don’t see Shao Kahn but it looks like his presences will be in the movie. I am speculating but I know the dragon tattoo that Cole has on his chest makes him connected or is a elder god from the Mortal Kombat mythology. It’s possible he might be Shao Kahn who was reincarnated as Cole Young. We will see what payoff Cole Young presents in the movie. The trailer did it’s job to draw main attraction form everywhere on social media and from the markets. Lets hope this movie hits on all levels for more Mortal Kombat related film or tv projects in the future.


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