REVIEW: Superman and Lois Series Premiere

The long a waited new Superman live action series called Superman and Lois staring Tyler Hoechlin as Clark Kent/Superman and Elizabeth Tulloch as Lois Lane finally premiered Tuesday night on the CW network. Superman and Lois is the live action Superman tv series we all been wanting to see for a long time now and finally Warner Brothers delivers hope! MINOR SPOILERS


Tyler Hoechlin understands both Clark Kent and Superman. Audiences will see his version of Superman and Clark Kent flushed out in the first episode. This is a Superman in a new direction that fans and audiences who do not read comic books will see. I bought Tyler Hoechlin as Clark more than I did as Superman, and that might be because this is a series focuses more on Clark than Superman. This would echo the Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher’s 90’s Superman The New Adventures of Lois and Clark live action series back in the day. This series kind of feels like a requel to that series because of the recaps leading into the modern day Superman who is learning how to be a father, and tries to figure out how to balance his Superman time and being a supportive father. I really enjoyed his portrayal of his modern take of Clark Kent from the series.

Elizabeth Tulloch does a fantastic job presenting Lois Lane on screen. Lois in the series is a loving, protecting, respectable mother and wife. Audiences will see she is the boss of this family and her sacrifices she made to be a mom who supports her family vs being a thrill seeking reporter, who was looking for her next big story. One of my favorite scenes from the episode is how she puts her foot down towards her dad played by Dylan Walsh from Nip/Tuck, and Clark regarding the world does not need Superman right now your family needs you more. We will see the feud between Lois and her dad building and will be seen many times before one blows up.

I love this version of Clark and Lois, because the actors like Dean and Teri shows this great chemistry they play of from each other in their roles. The tone for the series feels like a film and it’s clear Warner Brothers invested a lot of money for the series to make it better than any of the previous Arrowverse or Superman shows from the past. I enjoyed the music score from the first episode. the score made some of the big action and intense moments from the first episode. The special effects is very good, which shows how much money was put in for the series. Fans will love the Action Comics, Superman 3, and the Max Fleischer Superman series references.

I loved the twins Jonathan and Jordan who is introduce in the series. I am familiar with Jonathan Kent from the comic books, and this is a version different from the comic books, but the actor Jordan Elass who plays Jonathan did a good job playing the comedic, popular jock, but heartful big brother to his twin brother Jordan who is the opposite of Jonathan. Alex Garfin who plays Jordan was a huge standout from the first episode. I think he will be the most connecting character to audiences because of how humanizing he is from the beginning. Audiences will find themselves rooting for Jordan in the first episode.


My only nitpick from the first episode was the flashbacks of a young Clark Kent who resembles more of Ezra Miller than Tyler Hoechlin. Those flashback scenes was cringing in my opinion. The new Superman suit has to much padding on its shoulders which was a distracting in my opinion, especially in the action scenes.


This is the best thing I have seen from Superman on screen since the first and second Superman films staring Superman himself Christopher Reeve. This show is about the importance of family and how family is important no matter what. This series makes it clear the show is not about Superman it’s about Clark and how he learns how to be a supporting loving father to his family and while trying to protect and save the world as Superman. Episode one is well written, hats off to Geoff Johns, Greg Berlanti, and the rest of the people who made this show a reality. If you want Superman on screen this is a must watch show on tv right now. We also learn who is the surprise villain for this season. Episode one has a lot of surprising twist to keep audiences guessing to what happens next. If you want Superman to be relatable this is the show I highly recommend to watch.


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