REVIEW: WandaVision Episodes 1 and 2

Kevin Feige’s MCU Phase Four finally begins with the MCU’s event series on Disney Plus starting with WandaVision. The series stars Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch and Paul Bettany as Vision. This is the first of many streaming series that Marvel Studios has lined up for the next few years.


I enjoyed the classic sitcom nods and references from the first two episodes. How the sitcom stuff was presented was fun and enjoyable to watch. I am a fan of the old Twlight Zone series and I love how Feige sprinkled some of the Twlight Zone myseteries/elements around Westview and the community of characters in the town. I enjoyed the Harts family especially Debra Jo Rupp as Mrs. Hart. As a fan of That 70’s series there’s a lot of Kitty Foreman in her Mrs. Hart character which was fun.

I thought Paul Bettany stood out in both episodes as Vision. Paul acted his ass off. By showcasing the different sides of Vision through his performance with an without Vision’s makeup on. I wasn’t expecting that kind of performance especially in the second episode. He was very unpredictable which is a great thing for the series.

Obviously by now most people have seen the first 2 episode of the series we know there’s something more about Kathern Hahn’s character Agnes who’s the nosey neighbor. I’m sure Reddit has sypher clues on who she really is from the MCU. We are only two episodes in and I’m sure we will see more clues leading to the finale.


I thought the show so far looks flat and has yet to get me excited for next episode. I found myself bored after the first 15 minutes of the first episode. The plot it self is very slow. I understand what is happening but how the mysteries and hints is presented is not helping me to stay interest.

Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige is lucky they have the long credibility to keep me watching this snooze fest.


After almost two years MCU has finally entered their Phase Four. WandaVision will not be for everyone but the series does enough to keep audience to come back for next week’s episode.


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