REVIEW: Batwoman Season 2 Premiere

So what happen to Kate Kane? That is the title of the Batwoman season two premiere episode. With Ruby Rose no longer the lead and her character now written off from her own series after only one season. So how does Batwoman showrunner Caroline Dries and DCCW big time producer Greg Berlanti introduce Ryan Wilder if that is really her name as the new Batwoman? MINOR SPOILERS


Rachel Skarsten who plays Kate’s sister Alice continues to be the highlight of the entire series. Alice is the only good thing that’s from the series. I found myself rooting for her to blow up Gotham City… Any way we meet our new lead Ryan Wilder. That is actually her name it was never a set name. She is played by Javicia Leslie who dons the title role Batwoman after Kate Kane. Javicia does the best she can with what she is working with. It is not fair for her to be put into this series she should be in something where her talent is not wasted.


As usual the writing on this show is horrible. Caroline Dries who wrote the episode tries to put everything in one episode. Instead of treating it as a new pilot for a new show even if it is a second season for series at least make the audience see you are building something. Instead the episode reveals Caroline Dries and Greg Berlanti had no plan on how to write Kate Kane out of the series, and came up with the worse way to write her out. How they set up Ryan Wilder as the new Batwoman was not earned. Caroline Dries who is the Showrunner and the writer of the first episode falls flat on her face with the ideas she has. I don’t know who is worse in their writing creativity between Caroline Dries and Wonder Woman 84 director and writer Patty Jenkins. Neither one can write a good female superhero story that can connect with audiences.

Add Batwoman as another giant L to DC and Warner Brothers. I don’t know who they are trying to do this show for because nobody wants to see this crap. I feel bad for all of the talent who are wasting their performances in that crap show. Many things Caroline Dries tries to do is very predictable and lots audiences will eye roll over the things they do.


I highly recommend audiences do not watch this series. It is a waste of time. I am a fan of Batwoman especially from the Greg Rucka and J.H Williams run from the comic books. Batwoman series is a show people will want to forget about and it is sad because Kate Kane has a lot of great stories from the comics and having someone like Caroline Dries who does not get the character or her world at all. The CW or Warner Brothers needs to cancel this series and have everyone from the show to use their talent else where. On a side topic the fact that Greg Berlanti is getting another shot at Green Lantern on HBO Max, after his movie failed and his direction for Batwoman has failed horrible as a Green Lantern fan I would be very worried.


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