OPINION: What I expect to see from JL’s Snyder Cut

This past week we have official news of re-shoots of Snyder’s Justice League featuring Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Flash, and will include the return of Jared Leto’s unpopular Joker from David Ayer’s Suicide Squad film, and Joe Manganiello reprising his role as the Terminator Deathstroke. With Joker making his appearance in the Justice League film with new footage of Deathstroke in Justice League the expectation for the cut become a lot bigger.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the internet on Wednesday by announcing that Jared Leto is returning as the Joker for Justice League Snyder Cut set to be release as a mini series next year in 2021. Joe Manganiello confirm from Twitch on Friday he will be shooting new scenes for Snyder’s cut of Justice League. He was seen on Twitch with Slade Wilson white hair and similar look from the Justice League theatrical cut. With the re-shoot now official confirm an the Joker and Deathstroke will be featured in new scenes the Justice League Snyder Cut expectation just rise with fans.

According to Variety Fair’s Christopher Rosen added that the Jared Leto’s Joker will be used and seen differently compared to his performance in Suicide Squad.  “A source told Vanity Fair, however, that Leto is set to play a previously unseen version of Joker in the event series. “ This is the most interesting part of the news in my opinion, because Jared’s performance as the Joker is the most disliked Joker yet. Jared who will have another shot as the Joker will be used differently and hopefully with a better look from his Suicide Squad appearance. I am very excited to see what Zack does with Jared’s Joker. Zack is very good with doing scary and creepy. I can see Zack using Joker to very creepy and scary as he should be witch was something missing in Ayer’s Suicide Squad.

Regardless of what people might think of Ayer’s Suicide Squad I was one of the few people who enjoyed the movie because the cast looked like they had a blast making the film and the chemistry between the team was great despite the bad story and villain used for this film. The movie made over 740 million world wide which show’d that I was not the only one who enjoyed the film, despite its huge problems. Now Jared Leto gets one final shot to redeem himself in the Snyder Cut JL mini series event. With him and Joe both brought back for additional shooting which I am still surprise about. Here is what I expect to see in Snyder’s Justice League cut event series.

Show the Audience what Deathstroke can do

Joe Manganiello’s is 6’6 and build to toss people around. He only had 30 seconds of screen time in the after credit scene of Justice League theater cut. Snyder is bring him back, and we better see Deathstroke in action this time, because we do not need to see him standing around like a cool action figure. Show the audiences how intimidating and brutal Deathstorke is against some of the Justice League members. He’s a very intimidating character he needs an action scene to show why he is nicked name the Terminator. I know Ben’s The Batman movie Deathstroke was expected to be the main villain but I want to see Deathstroke in a sword fight with Wonder Woman. I think an action scene with these two characters would be amazing moment in the event series. Deathstroke would be a perfect opponent for Wonder Woman, and Snyder is the director who blow people away with a scene with these two fighting each other.

Explanation of the Future Nightmare Scenes

In Batman v. Superman Dawn of Justice we see a future nightmare scene that Batman experiences after Darksied succeeded in taking over the world an form an alliance with an evil or angry Superman who lost Lois Lane. I wasn’t a fan of the nightmare scene in Batman v. Superman because there was no payoff in the film. Most people like myself felt taken out of the movie because of the scene. I am expecting we get more nightmare scenes from Snyder’s cut. He did tease us a little bit with his new trailer of the Justice League Snyder Cut event series. Hopefully we get to see Cyborg and Flash with Batman in another action packed nightmare scene, that will payoff for some of the questions that have yet to be answered from Batman v. Superman. The Flash running in the time stream was teased in the new trailer.

Add ideas from the original Justice League script

Its clear we will not get a Snyder Justice League sequel, but Zack has talked about many of his ideas and storied scenes from his vision of Justice League that would’ve paid off going back to Batman v. Superman Dawn of Justice.He was unable to shoot alot of the ideas he had, but now that AT&T is paying millions of dollars for new additional re-shoots that is currently happening. At&T supports Zack Snyder vision and he needs to use some of the idea scenes he had for his original vision of his Justice League story, and to add them into his event mini series to give his DCEU a proper conclusion. Here is a video of Zack Snyder sharing some of the ideas and scenes for his original vision of his Justice League movie.

Give Superman his Moment

Zack Snyder in the past talked about the decisions he made for Superman going back to his Man of Steel film, and how the choices Superman makes that is controversial shapes him into becoming the Superman fans known him to be leading him in his final arc in his Justice League sequel film. I disagree with the direction he had for Superman at the time, but now that Snyder is getting a second chance he needs to give Superman his moment in the event Justice League Snyder cut series. We know he will wear the black suit but Superman needs to have a defining moment in Justice League Snyder’s Cut to show why he is the greatest superhero he is and why he inspired so many people.

Make Stepenwolf the intimidating villain he was meant to be.

Steppenwolf is the main villain in Zack’s original part one of his Justice League story but Joss made the character a joke and less intimidating in the Justice League film. Under Joss Whedon the character did not make his threats feel like it was a big scale to form the Justice League like how Snyder meant to have him be. It is clear Steppenwolf will be what Snyder originally plan the character to be in the film. I am looking forward to see his version in action as he will look scary and intimidating we’ve seen him in Batman v. Superman Dawn of Justice.

Make Joker Creepy and Scary

With variety fair reporting Jared Leto’s Joker will be something unseen before. With Snyder having a shot to do Joker I expect his vision of Joker to be creepy and scary. What ever pitch Snyder sold Leto to bring him back as the Joker must be exciting. I am one of the many people who love Ben’s Batman he brought. I can’t wait to see what he does with the Joker. Zack Snyder is great with making scary and creepy. Go watch Dawn of the Dead and you can see how great he does with horror. I am hoping we get the Joker Jared was meant to play to wipe away the awe full Suicide Squad appearance.

Batman and Joker finally have a real scene together

With Jared Leto returning as the Joker in re-shoots with Ben Affleck’s Batman back re shooting scenes as well. Snyder cannot ignore an opportunity to film one scene of Batman and Joker going against one another. Show the fans how Warner Brothers missed a huge opportunity by not showcasing how Ben and Jared’s Batman and Joker really work on screen. This is something I am hoping we seen in the Snyder cut version. Zack cannot drop the ball with Joker and Batman not sharing a scene together. It would be great if we hear more hints to how Joker killed Robin and how Joker still uses Robin’s death to torture Batman. I am very excited to see how Snyder uses Leto’s Joker in his cut. Let hope he is used in a scene with Batman.

Darksied vs the Justice League

We know Darksied will be making his long awaited live action appearance in the Snyder cut. I am hoping we get a big fight scene between him and the Justice League. This might be the only time we will ever see Darksied fighting the Justice League in live action. This should be something either in some kind of last stand in the Nightmare scene or a final fight after defeating Steppenwolf. Darksied presence is felt in Batman v. Superman lets hope his appearance has a huge payoff and is not wasted in the Snyder cut.

My Final Thoughts

With more news coming out about the Snyder Cut, especially the re-shoots currently happening. AT&T is putting everything in the Snyder Cut to attract more subscriptions an viewership for the HBO Max streaming services. If the Justice League Snyder cut is a huge hit with fans and critics which I believe it will be. Lets hope this will not be the last time we visit this version of the DCEU.


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