The Boys Season Two Review

With season one ending in a surprising cliffhanger. Season Two brought in a lot of surprise, with some changes that separate the boys from their comic book counterpart, and a new direction that will make the show very unpredictable moving forward. Eric Kripke who is best known for creating the CW’s huge hit Supernatural continues his success with Amazon’s The Boys tv series. (Minor Spoilers Below)


Anthony Starr as Homelander continues to be the highlight from the series in my opinion especially in season two. He is the evil superman who we enjoy watching on tv, and he brings some of the dark sense of humor from the series. He gets the most screen time compared to season one as the series starts to center more around him and how he views the world. The show puts Homelander in a new situations an how to adjust from it compared to the comic books. He is still evil, careless, and he is more vulnerable than we’ve seen him in season one.

The biggest change in the series compared to the comic books is the new member of the Seven is Stormfront who was a man in the comic books but is changed to a woman in the tv series. In my opinion this was a great change from Eric Kripke and the rest of the Boys producers because it explores new territory that the comic book series did not explore, and it distances the predictability from the series. If you though Homelander was twisted and fucked up, wait until you learn more about Stormfront played by Aya Cash who does a great job making myself and many audiences hating her.

I really enjoy many of the nods and jokes towards Warner Brothers Batman V. Superman and the rewriting and mess behind the scenes of the Justice League movie with the boys having their characters making a movie called Dawn of the Seven and a director who is Jossing the rewrite scripts and interacting with A-Train which is very simaller with Ray Fisher and the allege claims Ray made against Joss Whedon and Warner Brothers. It’s wild how much a head Eric Kripke and the producers were ahead of all the real news that came out. Erick Kripke is known for taking jabs and jokes towards pop culture from Supernatural and this is no different. It’s very surprising to see how accurate some of the topics from the Boys is playing out in real life.

Karl Urban who plays Bill the Butcher I found very flat in season two. He seemed to be whining about everything and cant get his way. The rest of the supporting charcters such as Mother’s Milk( Laz Alonso), Frenchie (Tom Kapon), and Kimiko/ The Female (Karen Fukuhara were the highlight from Season two. They all had a lot of great moments in season two and I think audiences can’t wait to see more of them in season three. We get a lot of nods from the Boys comic book series. If you have read the comic book you will see some of the surprising nods especially in episode seven and episode six.


The Boys did have some weak moments in some of the episodes. I thought The Deep redemption story with the church was out of place for another show. The showrunner, producers, and writers are doing their best with juggling everyone’s side story, however some of the side stories for some characters felt like it was not needed especially for some of the members of the Seven.

Some of the characters from the Seven like Queen Maeve, A-Train, and The Deep have been the weak part of season two in my opinion, and that’s because of the story direction for each character. When their arks come on you just want to skip it because it’s a waste of time. Obvious the pandemic effect the schedule for the Boys season two to release it’s entire episodes like season one did. I think that hurt any momentum season two had after the first three episodes was released on September 4th.

Overall 8.5/10

The Boys Season Two was enjoyable and fun. Homelander, and Stoormfront was the highlights from season two. However I was glad Hughie and Anne relationship evolved quickly instead of it going slow. Hughie has become a much better character and easily to root for compared to season one. Lots of big surprises in episodes seven and eight that will have fans who love series excited for season three. Don’t forget Jensen Ackles from Supernatural will be part of the series in Season three as Soldier Boy who is the paralle to Captain America.


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