REVIEW: Batman The Three Jokers

There’s been a lot of Batman vs Joker finale stories in the comic book medium. We’ve had Batman: Endgame, Batman White Knight, Batman Curse of the White Knight, and recently Batman Joker War. This Batman vs Joker story brings something exciting and thematic feel compared to those stories. When it was revealed in Justice League War storyline written by Geoff Johns, and illustrated by Jason Fabok. Collaborated for their long awaited Batman Three Joker story. Back in Justice League War Batman learn while siting in the Morbis chair that there is three Jokers when Batman asked the chair who is the true identity of Joker. The question Batman got was that there was three Jokers and the illustrated panel at the end of the story revealed the criminal Joker, a clown Joker, and the comedian Joker. Almost five years later we finally get that full story and the conclusion of the three Joker story came out today. NO SPOILERS!


This is the best illustration work by Jason Fabok in his early comic book career. His art in this book has a cinematic or theater like feel to it. His art makes Geoff’s story feels like it is on a huge scale. I really enjoyed how he drew every of the character emotions. Especially the scenes between Jason Todd and the Joker. Some big reveals that the Joker tells Jason only he would know about from when he killed him in Batman Death in the Family. His art shows a lot of the emotional pain and damage Joker did and still continues to torture Jason when he confronts him. It is one of the best parts of this story.

There is a lot of great splash pages and detailed things he illustrates when he shows a lot of the action scenes. I love Jason Todd/Red Hood’s design in the story. He is wearing some of his Robin belt and vest as a reminder of who he once was. Jason Todd is a huge standout out of this story and I think many Jason Todd fans will enjoy him in Batman the Three Jokers. I am very happy with Batman’s design in this, because I believe it is long over due that he is not wearing the Bat symbol with the yellow/gold oval. That is the Batman logo everywhere an the most recognizable.

His suit reminds me of his Batman Inc suit but with out the crazy styled lines over it. There is a lot of great Batman scenes that Jason illustrates. Especially in the conclusion of the three Jokers story. There is a huge emotional scene that all Batman fans I think will not see coming but will feel empathy for Batman since the Joker is making him confront someone that he is not ready to confront. I miss this look and version of this Batgirl. She is the center of this story as well and how her and Jason understands one another from the mental torture and emotional scars the Joker has done to both of them. Batgirl gets a lot of great moments with the Joker in conclusion.

I have to give it up to Geoff Johns for the idea he had for his Batman vs Joker story. His three Joker story is a very self contain Batman story. Geoff Johns who does not write much Batman in the current DC Continuity besides his Batman Earth One series and from the Justice League title. What makes this story very good is that it does not tie into the current DCU continuity. It has some continuity of Batman’s comic book history but like Grant Morrison Batman run Geoff Johns picks and choices what he wants to include his Bat history in his Batman story.


I feel like there could’ve been a forth book for this story because somethings in book three feel a little rush. I’m not a fan of the Barbra and Jason “thing” that is in the story, and that might be because I am a Nightwing fan. I think there will be some people who might not like how the story concludes, but the way the story ends. Will makes it open for a future story that I think many people will want to read. If it is by Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok.


The Batman Three Joker story is suspenseful, unpredictable, gritty and grounded. It is not a Killing Joke sequel or a Death in the Family sequel but it does use some of the story elements but it is its own story. Is Batman the Three Jokers another classic Batman story? That remains to be seen since we are still in the moment. I do think this will be one Batman story people will read again, because it is a very good Batman vs Joker story. I highly recommend readers to preorder the graphic novel from their local comic book shops if they are still open of preorder it on Amazon.


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