Justice League Dark Apokolips War Review

Justice League Dark Apokolips War is the 15th and final chapter of this version of the DCAU direct to Digital and DVD animated movie series. This is the most violent, gruesome and darkest of the DC Universe we have seen outside of the DC Comic books, and it’s DC’s respond to Marvel Studios Infinity War and End Game movies. Justice League Dark Apokolips War is inspired from the stories of Geoff Johns Justice League War, and Grant Morrison’s Justice League Rock of Ages story.


The biggest positive about Apokolips War is how unpredictable the movie is. The amount of violence and gruesome we see done to our favorite DC superheros is a gut punching blow after blow and they do not hold back showing you that. The DC animated people brought all of DC’s fan favorite teams to work together to fight against Darksied.

The giants popular voice cast staring Matt Ryan as John Constantine, Jerry O’Connell as Superman, James O’Mara as Batman, Rosario Dawson as Wonder Woman, Taissa Farmiga as Raven, Rebecca Romijn as Lois Lane, Rainn Wilson as Lex Luthor, Stuart Allen as Damian Wayne, Hynden Walch as Harley Quinn, Shamar Moore as Cyborg, and Tony Todd as Darkseid was all fantastic voicing our favorite DC characters one more time.

I really loved Hynden Walch voicing Harley Quinn in this and from the past DC animated movies. A blend of old and new Harley Quinn is what Warner Brothers should present on screen in live action. Tony Todd is the voice of Darkseid in my opinion. How he present Darkseid voice is how I read Darkseid from the comics.

I enjoyed how Apokolips War ties everything back to previous animated movies and Easter eggs. I enjoyed Superman in Apokolips War, because no matter how dark things become he always finds away to brings hope and inspires people to fight back even when everything is a lost.


The biggest negative is the story should’ve been split in two parts. The amount of characters used in 90 minutes was wasted because of the amount of investment audience like myself had in previous animated movies of character’s who was killed or over killed off and felt unsatisfying, and disappointing.

Even though it’s called Apokolips War the war scenes between our hero’s and Darksied’s Parademon and Doomsday hybrids was unsatisfying and rushed to get to the remaining survivors. It felt like a fight we messed out on in my opinion. So when Superman and Darksied fights a second time it didn’t feel earned because there first fight from the movie happen off screen. To much characters to juggle in one movie and should’ve been 2 part movie.

Some audiences who watch this will feel like they are missing another movie in order to understand everything that happens in act three of this movie especially with characters who are seen from previous movies who reappear an are very different from when last seen them.

I wasn’t a fan of Damian Wayne and Raven having a love relationship and wasn’t anything anybody needed. The hints of their feelings for one another is something fans like myself didn’t like in the Titans animated movies. Seeing it flush out was a force to watch.

OVERALL 6.5/10

Even though this is DC respond to Infinity War and End Game. Justice League Dark Apokolips War is more of a X-Men Last Stand mixed with the positive from X-Men Days of Future Past in one movie. A lot happens in this movie for fans to digest from. I think this story would be better in two parts. Now that this animated movie series is over and wasted hopefully the next animated people from Warner Brothers do something better.


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