Mortal Kombat Scorpion Revenge Movie Review

A new Mortal Kombat animated movie was released today on digital by Warner Animation. This new animated movie centers around the popular character from the video game Scorpion. This is the first time in while we get something from Mortal Kombat outside of the video games. Probably since Mortal Kombat Legacy series, and the first animated feature since Mortal Kombat Defenders of the Realm.


I enjoyed the back story of Scorpion and the human side he once was. The fights and the brutal action scenes that is displayed tries to be a similar way like the video game. It does work well. I enjoyed many of the fighters showcasing some of their signature fight moves, and one liners from the game.

I thought the voice casting in the animated movie was well done. Patrick Seitz as Scorpion, Jennifer Carpenter as Sonia Blade, Joel McHale as Johnny Cage, Jordan Rodrigues as Liu Kang, and Steve Blum as Sub-Zero all did a fantastic job bring to life the voices of these characters from the game. I found Joel McHale as Johnny Cage did a great job with the corny one liners Johnny Cage says in the animated. Johnny Cage was surprisingly entertaining in the animated movie.

The best thing about the animated movie is that we finally see a rated R Mortal Kombat movir outside of the video games. We get some of the cool fatalities in the animation film which was awesome. I enjoyed seeing a Raiden who displays how powerful he really is. It’s a cool moment if you wanted to see Raiden in action.


There is some nitpicks with the story from the animated movie that some Mortal Kombat fans will think about. In my opinion I thought the ending of the final fight was unsatisfying conclusion. The animated felt short and should’ve been given an hour and 45 minutes, because a lot of stuff happens off screen that audiences could’ve seen fleshed out.

There was a lot of characters being use and sometimes I found myself forgetting this was centered around Scorpion. It was like Ed Boon wanted to bring out two important Mortal Kombat stories, and add it as one animated story. In my opinion because the time was short it was not executed as he wished it could be. I would love to know what was cut out an what could’ve help the story better.

OVERALL 7.5/10

The animation is fantastic. The fight scenes and fatalities are well done. The voice casting is very good, and as a fan it’s great to see a rated R Mortal Kombat film outside of the video games. Hopefully we see a sequel before the live action movie comes out in January 2021. The animated movie does help to build excitement for the live action movie produce by James Wan. It’s a worth renting while we are all stuck at home right now.


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