OPINION: Henry Cavill Possible Return to Superman

Hello everyone, it’s been a while since I last posted on here and I apologize for that but my work schedule has been crazy lately and I hope everyone is safe, but I will try to be on here more actively. I know I am late on this topic that was first reported by Heroic Hollywood on May 6th regarding whispers/rumor of Henry Cavill possibly returning to the role of Superman. They were the first to report of learning new information but still considered a rumor of Henry returning to the role of Superman. Here is Heroic Hollywood’s link tot their report of the rumor. https://heroichollywood.com/does-this-mean-henry-cavill-back-superman/ 

MY THOUGHTS on Henry Cavill returning as Superman

I wrote an article about my thoughts on Ben Affleck returning or not returning as Batman a few years ago. So my opinion will be different with Henry Cavill returning as Superman. In my opinion I believe there is a 40% chance Henry Cavill will return to the role of Superman. However If he does come back I believe it will not be for a standalone Superman movie. I believe it will be a small role in one of the Shazam’s sequels or The Rock’s Black Adam movie since Dwayne The Rock Johnson has express having his Black Adam character fight Henry Cavill’s Superman in the past. With Henry’s manager being the Rock’s manager and having a huge influences with the Shazam! franchise I think there is a chance he will return as Superman in that franchise since he is part of the 7 Buck family. His manager and Warner Brother have tied to get Henry to cameo in Shazam but as we have learn since Shazam the first movie came out they could not negotiate the terms for Henry to returned in a cameo role.

The second reason why I believe it will be a small role in one of the Shazam sequels or Black Adam movie or sequel in my opinion is because the rumor report from Heroic Hollywood says Henry is open to take less money to play Superman. If it ends up being true and that is a huge if he is willing to take less money it probably means it will be for something small to do in a movie.Maybe one or two day of shooting for a Shazam sequel or Black Adam movie. Ben’s Batman and Ezra Miller’s Flash both made a small appearances in the Suicide Squad so I can see Henry’s Superman in that kind of role in one of the shazam sequels. It is established in the Shazam franchise that Superman does exist in the Shazam world. So there is a high chance Henry Cavill will return as Superman in one of the Shazam sequels in my opinion and not for another Superman movie. Here is why below.


When I wrote my article on why are we not getting a Superman movie almost a year ago.http://mycomicbookopinion.com/2019/07/01/my-opinion-why-are-we-not-getting-a-superman-movie/ I left out that Jon Peter’s still owns the Superman movie rights. Which I forgot he still owns the rights to. If there was going to be another Superman movie Warner Brothers would have to work with this guy again or pay him off like they did last time when they were working on Man of Steal back in 2012. There is a good article by the Hollywood Reporter who spoke with Peters who admit Warner Brothers paid him millions of dollars because of his contract that the still owns the Superman movie rights. The paid him more to stay away from the set and not to have anything to do with Man of Steel. It was never accurate to how much Warner Brother paid him so they can do the Man of Steel film. That is the biggest challenge to get another Superman movie made is because Warner Brothers has to deal with this guy again. When Batman v. Superman movie was made Batman name was first because in my opinion it was away to avoid paying Jon Peters again and to make it a less of a Superman movie which is why Michael Uslan’s name was credit since this team up movie had Batman at the center not Superman. Here is the article from Hollywood Reporter on Jon Peters and Man of Steel. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/man-steel-how-jon-peters-570675

Superman and Lois TV Series on THE CW

As we all know there will be a new live action Superman TV series coming to the CW next year staring Tyler Hoechlin as Superman and Elizabeth Tulloch as Lois Lane Kent. This will be the 6th Superman related TV series in over 30 years while there is only two Superman standalone movies since Superman 4. The fact that Warner Brothers continues to go with Superman on TV instead of the movies might be a variety of things. I know Superman TV series does better than the movies. Which I will get into my next topic.

A Superman Movie does not Sell like it did in 1978

Another big reason why I believe Henry Cavill will not return for a Superman movie. I am sure I am probably going to piss off some people for saying that Superman can’t sell like he did in 1978 but Warner Brothers didn’t make their money back with Man of Steel in 2013. If you didn’t know Man of Steel’s movie budget was over 250 million dollars. That is the same budget to make The Avengers movies. Warner Brother was expecting that movie to make at least 800 million or over a billion dollars at the time and with that kind of investment they put in for Superman, and marketing Man of Steel from the people who brought you The Dark Knight Trilogy and from the people who made The Watchmen and 300 movie present you The Man of Steel. Warner Brother was expecting this movie to make some serious money back and it failed financially from their expectations which is why they went with a Batman v. Superman Dawn of Justice movie instead.


Even though I do not believe there will be a Superman movie made anytime soon or for the next few years. I think there is a chance Henry Cavill could return to the role of Superman but in a minor or supporting cast role in of the Shazam sequels or Black Adam movie since his manager and The Rock are heavily involved in those projects. So there is a chance he could make an appearance as Superman but still very unlikely since I gave it a 40% chance of it happening which I hope I am wrong.


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