Crisis on Infinite Earths Part Two: TV Review

Part two of the five crossover event of Crisis on Infinite Earths was released tonight at 8pm eastern time on the Batwoman series. We finally get some of the waited guest appearences we’ve been waiting for. Does Crisis on Infinite Earths get better after the mess part one presented on the Supergirl series? (Minor Spoilers)


If you’re a Superman fan this episode is full of Superman moments that will bring you joy. My favorite moment was seeing Tom Welling return as Clark Kent from Smallville and learning what he’s been up to since Smallville series ended. It’s a great moment especially between him and another Lex Luther. I enjoyed Jon Cryer’s portrayal as Lex Luther as he gets better an menacing in his portrayal. Tom Welling’s Clark Kent gets the happy ending he deserves with his wife Lois Lane and their family. I think the surprise decision Tom Welling Clark made will please Smallville fans.

It’s very clear the main character in Crisis on Infinite Earths is Superman as he is the center character in the crossover. Doesn’t matter what version we get, because it’s still Superman we know and love. Part two presents that as we get the John Williams score with the Brandon Routh Superman from Kingdom Come. The actions scenes with Brandon Routh Superman is fantastic and he looks great as Superman now then he did in Superman Returns.

Brandon’s Superman is mixed of his Returns Superman and Christopher Reeve Superman thanks to some reveals and nods. I really enjoyed the interaction between Bradon Routh Superman and his Ray Palmer. It was executed perfectly, and enjoyable to watch.

I enjoyed the Kevin Conroy’s portrayal of Bruce Wayne. We get the cold and angry Bruce Wayne from Batman Beyond mixed with the Kingdom Come look. I enjoyed the conversation Kate and Bruce had. Kate learning the mistakes that this Bruce Wayne made and the darkness that consumes him.


I think Batman fans will be mixed with the twist of Kevin Conroys Bruce Wayne. He’s more darker and twisted with some of the reveals about what his Batman has done.

I wasn’t a fan of the decision of trying to revive Oliver. If the decision was to kill him off in part one. It’s best to keep him dead otherwise a cop out from that decision will hurt the stakes of what Crisis on Infinite Earths is supposed to be.

OVERALL: 8.5/10

Part two is a huge approvement from part one. We get tons of Superman moments that will make long time Superman fans happy. It’s very clear Greg Berlanti and Mark Guggenheim wants to present the Supermen we all know and love. We do get our first appearance of the main villain for Crisis on Infinite Earths event.


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