Crisis on Infinite Earths Part Three: TV Review

Crisis on Infinite Earths part three was released tonight, and it’s the last part until January 2020. Does part three payoff to some fan theory and confirm rumors that was reported over the summer about a surprise guest? (Minor Spoilers)


Hats off to all of the actors and actresses who were brought back for this episode, and the stars who are our fan favorites from DCCW series, and to the people who made this happen. There was lot of exciting moments and closers to a character like John Wesley Shipp’s 90s Flash. Seeing the 90s Flash give our current Flash some advice was a great passing the torch moment. The 90s Flash gets one finally heroic moment that DC fans will remember for a long time.

I enjoyed the moments between Grant Gustin’s Flash and Black Lightning’s scenes together. It’s about time Black Lightning crosses over with the other superheroes. It made sense for him to connect with Barry because they can relate in some ways. We get some more Brandon Routh as Superman moments. In this crossover he is the Superman. His presence as Superman makes you believe a man can fly again in the crossover.

I enjoy the explanation he give Lois Lane on why he wears a different crust with black and red. Brandon Rough and Elizabeth Tulloch shares a great scene together, an reminder to what Lois means to Clark when things are down. Lois has always been Clark’s hope for better future and the reason why Superman doesn’t give up.

So many favorite moments from part three, but my favorite surprise was Lucifer Morningstar who is from Earth 666. His interactions with Matt Ryan is memoriable and in my opinion stole part three and maybe the entire Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event. Matt Ryan needs to make an appearance in the final season because their chemistry is fantastic together even if it’s a small scene. Regardless what the conclusion of Crisis on Infinite Earths event this is easily the biggest surprise of the entire event.

Lots of fan service payoffs for the hardcore fans who have been watching all the shows in the last eight years. Some predictable or fan theory outcomes came true for our two leads The Flash and Green Arrow. Thankfully Oliver Queen is not revive after part one, as the story moves foward and not regress.


The scenes between Kate and Supergirl were horrible. The two unpopular shows that fans are force to watch in Crisis on Infinite Earths was bad. They are the poor versions of Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent. If Kate was more like the Kate from the comic books and the same with Kara their would be more investment from the audience. Kara becomes to whiney while everyone is trying to fight and save their worlds especially her Clark Kent who is trying to do something.

We get our first introduction to Ryan Choi the second Atom. His scenes with Ralph, Iris and Ray Palmer takes you out of the crisis crossover. It was slowish and convincing to help save the Multiverse. I wanted to see more of Barry, Cisco, Killer Frost, 90s Flash, Pharah and Black Lightning. The stakes were very high with what was happening for the Flash.

The biggest surprise twist at the end will suck out all of the excitement fans have for Crisis on Infinite Earths going into part four in January 2020. You will know what I mean if you’re a Superman fan.

OVERALL 6.5/10

Lots of great surprises and excitement in the beginning, from the middle, but everyone will remember the disappointing ending. Even after the terrible Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern movie that Greg Berlanti was the center of. He still misses the mark with fans. Crisis on Infinite Earths event is not over but it feels over for me.


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