Crisis on Infinite Earths Part One: TV Review

The biggest crossover event by Greg Berlanti’s DCCW series that’s been in the making for almost ten years starting with the Arrow series has finally arrived. The first of a five episode crossover event base on Marv Wolfeman and George Perez Crisis on Infinite Earths DC Comics event series begins in the Supergirl tv series. (MINOR SPOILERS)


The event starts with a lot of the expected cameos from Burt Ward/Dick Grayson (Batman66), Robert Wuhl/Alex Knox (Batman89) Russel Tovey/The Ray from Earth X. The biggest surprise cameo came from the DC Universe streaming services series of Titans. It was a big surprise in my opinion to see two surprising characters make a small cameo which was cool. My favorite cameo was seeing Burt Ward as Dick Grayson again, because Batman 66 was my first Batman and I hold a giant place for that series.

If you have read Crisis on Infinite Earths series, and a big fan of all DC movies and tv series there’s a lot of homages or nods in the dialogue from the first episode. Any DC fan will appreciate those kind of things especially if you’re an old fan.

I enjoyed seeing Tyler Hoechlin return as Superman/Clark Kent. You can’t have a crisis with out Superman no mater what earth he is from. We see he’s now a family man with his wife Lois Lane played by Elizabeth Tulloch. They have a son name Jonathan and are enjoying their lives together in Argo. We get a lot of Superman in the first episode questioning himself about choosing himself over continue to be Superman. I think this is something we can see continue in the rumor Superman series staring Tyle Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch.

Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer/Atom and Caity Lotz as Sarah Lance/White Canary stole the episode for me. They were both energetic and entertaining to watch on screen while it’s the end of the universes. Audiences will see Brandon Routh is having a great time playing Ray Palmer and having fun.

I enjoyed the action scenes with Batwoman, Atom, Superman, Supergirl, Oliver, and Mia when making their last stand to save earth-38. The action was entertaining to watch and felt like something straight out of a comic book.


I don’t know if it’s because this is some what a Supergirl episode, since Supergirl series has been the weakest of the DCCW series, but part one of Crisis on Infinite Earths felt like a mess in terms of pacing, and juggling a lot of different characters from other series, and giving them something to do. I thought the handling or conclusion to Oliver Queen felt rush and was treated poorly after having 8 seasons of Arrow. This choice for Oliver I thought was a poor way to end his story, because he’s the “Robert Downey Jr ” of the DCCW universes.

I do not watch Supergirl unless it’s a crossover or Superman is guest on the show but a lot of her current supporting cast comes off very cheesy and annoying. They were the very weakest part of the first of the five crossover event. Hopefully we do not see them again.


Hopefully tonight’s part two of five crisis event is better than the part one we got. Now that we got the Supergirl stuff out of the way. Part one had potential but Greg Berlanti and Mark Guggenheim drop the ball with part one. If you are hoping for any surprises guest in part one thats outside of cameo appearances you will be disappointed. Hopefully Part two will step up on a bigger scale in the Batwoman series. The promo for part two looks promising.


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