Batman: Hush Movie: Review

Batman: Hush is base on one of the best selling Batman books and Batman stories of all time. DC Comics and WarnerMedia finally brings the popular Batman story as a animated movie base on the Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee story. Batman Hush animated movie is one of my anticipated animated movies to watch because of how successful DC Comics animated movies have been for over 10 years now. This movie is easily one of the best Batman animated movies to date, since Batman: Under the Red Hood.


One of the things I really loved about this movie is how they added some new things and expanded on while telling the Batman Hush story. It works extremely well, than doing a shot to shot from the Hush graphic novel. For fans who expect this to be a very predictable Batman Hush story from the graphic novel. It’s not and it’s executed very well, and I loved it.

I loved the Batman and Catwoman romance in the film. The Bat and Cat romance is spot on with these two iconic characters. This has a lot of Catwoman in this. If you are a big Catwoman fan this is your animated movie for Catwoman. She’s in almost in every scene from the beginning. This is a Batman movie but it also showa Catwoman perspective of her feelings for Batman and why she loves him or attracted to him.

The animation and Batman’s Jim Lee version of his classic Batman suit looks fantastic in animation. I loved the new Scarecrow look in the animation as it has a Jeepers Creepers vibe to it. Lots of Villains are in this or cameoed. Batman:Hush has a great balance between action, drama, and sense of humor.


There’s a lot of curse words in Batman: Hush. I would highly recommend not to let your 4 or 8 year old kids watch this movie by themselves but with there parents. Some action scenes do drag out a little longer than it should’ve. Espishally in the beginning.


Batman: Hush is easily one of the best Batman and DC animated movies out there. The animation and story is fantastic. I did enjoy the twists in act three of the movie, because it’s not a predictable Batman Hush story from Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee. It deffinetly worked for me. Batman:Hush has all the things we love about Batman his world and Superheroes.


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