My Opinion: SyFy’s Krypton is a must Watch!

When Krypton was first announced as a tv series and was developed by David S. Goyer who is known for co – writing The Dark Knight Trilogy and Man of Steel with the Nolan brothers. Krypton was easily viewed as a prequel series for SyFy, when it was announced. Myself and a lot of comic book fans quickly dismissed this, because it’s another prequel that nobody is interested or asked for. While audiences had to deal with a mixed bag Gotham show, many people including myself made assumptions on Krypton, and stupidly ignored it.

Without not spoiling the show, Krypton is not a prequel like I thought. It’s a Superman or a DC else world story that centers around Adam Strange and Superman’s major villain General Zod who go back in time. Zod goes back in time to save Krypton from blowing up and prevent Brainiac from taking Kandor away. while Adam Strange’s mission into stop him from wiping out Superman from existence. Adam tries convincing Seyg-El who is Superman’s grand father to help him to prevent current events changing. Unfortunately SyFy and David Goyer didn’t sell it that way, which is why many people including myself missed this series from the beginning.

If SyFy and David S. Goyer promoted Krypton better there would be more audiences watching the show every week. If you love Superman and want a Man of Steel sequel or a Superman movie. Krypton series is your quick fix for Superman and his rogue of villains we want to see in his next movie. Most of the show is practical affects like Doomsday and Brainiac.

Character Highlights so Far

In my opinion the biggest standouts is Superman’s three biggest villains are treated with comic book accurate portrayals. The General Zod in Krypton played by Colin Salmon. This version of General Zod is the best portrayal of the character I have watch in all live action. He is intimidating and manipulating the people around him. He stays true to what he represents as character. General Zod mission is all about saving and protecting Krypton. Colin Salmon brings more of a charismatic Zod which something I believe was lacking with the character in Man of Steel.

Brainiac played by Blake Ritson is the Brainiac we’ve been waiting to see in a Superman movie. He is the villain who collect cities from planets and their knowledge of their worlds. As for Doomsday and Lobo they are what you would expect them to be a look.

Respecting the source Material

What makes Krypton successful is they respect the Superman mythology with an else world spin that will get many long time Superman fans or DC fans hooked on to the show. If you are looking to find season one of Krypton the full season is on the DC Streaming Services, an season two is on the SyFy app.


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