MY Opinion: How the Power Rangers Reboot can be better

On Thursday Jully 11th 2019, Stranger Things star, and Power Rangers move star Darce Montgomery who played Jason Lee Scott the Red Power Ranger from the 2017 movie. Said in a recent Reddit forum to a user that Hasbro is planing to do a reboot Power Rangers movie series . Here is Darce’s quote below from Reddit and by

“I think there is a [Power Rangers] movie in the works but it’s not with me and the cast. So yes [another Power Rangers movie will take place], but not with us.” – Dacre Montgomery (Link to Reddit AMA) The source is from Power Rangers NOW:

I did enjoy the Power Rangers 2017 movie, and the cast who portrayed the original mighty morphin Power Ranger characters from that movie. It is disappointing to hear there will not be a sequel as it was teasing the intro to Tommy’s movie debut for their sequel. Building the foundation of what this Power Ranger’s world and new mythology was very exciting. Unfortunately the movie did not reach finical expectations like Saban was hoping for, even tho it did make money back but from their budget. It was not enough like Saban was hoping for. Hasbro who is a toy company bought the Power Ranger’s brand last year and is moving forward with something they want to do with the movie. I am not surprise to hear this news, because Naomi Scott, who played Kimberly the Pink Ranger has moved on to be taking on bigger roles in different movies. She was recently in Aladdin as Jasmine , and is set to be in Charlie’s Angel movie remake with Kristen Stewart. Watching her take on new blockbuster roles after the Power Rangers movie is a perfect sign to show Hasbro is moving in a different direction.

How the Power Rangers Reboot can be Better

Even though I enjoyed the 2017 movie, I was never a fan of the new Power Rangers look for the movie, because it didn’t have something that is familiar with something new added, to bring fans in. Secondly audiences did not get enough Power Rangers action in their own movie, because the film took the Batman Begins formula in building to those moments, and focus heavily on character development of Jason, Kimberly, and Billy. It is not a bad thing, but when you don’t give the audiences what they want to see in a Power Rangers movie, then it became harder to get people to see the movie. The stuff we wanted to see happen in the last thirty minutes of the movie, and it awesome but it was gone so quickly. Here are something that can make the reboot better than the 2017 movie.

Make Tommy the main character of the Reboot franchise

Tommy is the most popular power ranger of all time, and nobody comes close to it. The fact that he wasn’t featured in the Power Rangers movie and only named in a mid credit scene did not help to bring power ranger fans to go see the movie. I think if Tommy was featured in the film or part of the origin story the money would have been rolling in for the 2017 movie. I hope with the new reboot we have Tommy as the central character for the rebooted franchise and see his transition from being an outsider of the group to becoming the leader of the Power Rangers by the third movie. I think what Hasbro should do is use the first two X-Men movies as their blue print. What was successful about the original X-Men movies is that the X-Men was establish as a team, and Wolverine was the central main character of those stories. doing something like that instead of another origin story would diffidently bring people to theaters, because you’re giving audiences three things they want in a Power Ranger’s movie. 1. is Tommy as the Green Ranger, 2, a establish Power Rangers team seen in action, and 3, fighting monsters and battle Zord fights.

Use the Kyle Higgins Power Rangers Run as the source for the reboot movie.

The Kyle Higgin’s Power Rangers stories is central to Tommy as the main character and takes place sometime after the evil Green Ranger story line from the show. Tommy is learning how to earn the trust of his friends and teammates, after he almost destroyed them under Rita’s evil spell. Having him earning his friends trust and balancing his life as Tommy and as a Power Ranger is a good story start. Kyle Higgins added a lot of great things in his Power Ranger’s run that has long time fans like myself reading the comic book felt rejuvenated. There was a lot of Tommy and Power Rangers moments in his run. He brought some new additions to the franchise that was refreshing I think Hasbro needs to in-cooperate some his stuff into the next Power Rangers movie. Kyle brought the thing we love and added a modern addition to it, which work extremely well.

We want to see a lot of Power Rangers in action

My issue with the 2017 movie, and the 90’s movie, is we get less Power Rangers in action. Audience see them in their suits, either in act one or act two, but the Power Rangers don’t do anything until the final 30 minutes of both movies. I think that might have to do with the budget, but hopefully Hasbro see that if they want to sell more toys and market this movie. Give the fans the most action pack Power Rangers movie we have seen. let see more zords fight monster scenes. What worked for the show is audiences loved watching the power rangers morph into action and battled monster in the show. Story points are good, but have more power rangers morph into action fight beats. Fans want to see Power Rangers doing Power Rangers stuff in their movie.

Bring Back the original look of the suits

My biggest negative from the 2017 movie was the new Power Ranger’s movie look. It was to much like Iron Man and Guyver rip off. I think Hasbro should bring a familiar Mighty Morphin Power Rangers look, and add something to it that’s refreshing but still familiar to fans in the way the 90’s movie did. I get the 2017 movie was trying to do an alien look, but it wasn’t something that worked and it turned off fans from seeing this movie and to buy movie merchandise.


As a long time fan of the original, I hope they reboot Mighty Morphin and not a different Power Rangers that fans are not familiar with. If Hasbro wants to bring asses in seats I think a non origin action pack mighty morphin Power Rangers is something fans would love to see. IMO these are the things I think how Power Rangers next movie reboot can be better.


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