Doctor Strange is the Poinless Multiverse of Madness

With Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness finally out in theaters. This sequel and the next chapter of the MCU is making a lot of money. It’s a sequel that focus more on setting things up for the future of the MCU and beyond phase four. Full Spoilers below! You’re warned.


The movie is very entertaining. There was a balanced between the jokes and seriousness of the sequel. We see a lot of Sam Rami “Drag Me To Hell” and Evil Dead kind of horror elements into the serial, which was cool. We got our Bruce Campbell cameo scene which is a guaranteed to be a fun bit.

Benedict Cumberbatch continues to be the Doctor Strange, just like Robert Downey Jr was to Iron Man and Chris Evans was to Steve Rogers. The sequel was more about what is Doctor Strange was up to since No Way Home and in his own little world in the MCU. He carried the movie Luke he should and did his job.

We can’t have Doctor Strange without the new Sorcerer’s of Supreme Wong played by Benedict Wong. He had a few entertaining moments and his chemistry continues to shine with Cumberbatch on screen. Elizabeth Olsen returns as Wanda/Scarlett Witch as the sinister villain who become a scary and tough villain through the film. I would tell those who haven’t watch Wandavision to go watch that first, because it plays a huge part in Doctor Strange sequel. Wanda has some of the best moments especially against the Illuminati.

We got a few good cameos by Mr Fantastic played by John Krasinski who fans like myself wanted to see in the role and hopefully it’s not a one off as it’s a tease for The Fantastic Four movie. We see the true Black Bolt played by Anson Mount from the awful Inhumans series on ABC. We got Captain Carter played by Haley Atwell, and Maria Rambeau as Captain Marvel with X-Men animated series Charles Xavier reprise by Patrick Stewart.

I thought the performance by Rachel McAdams who plays Christine Palmer and new comer Xochitl Gomez as American Chavez was fine. Overall everyone played their part and was fine.

Sam Rami did his job with the horror stuff as that was some of the best parts from the movie.


The sequel suffers story issues just like Thor the Dark World and Iron Man 2 did. I found the story pointless because there are a lot of plot holes and it focus to much on setting up the next serial of movies.

I found the movie to be very predictable with no other twist and surprises. I felt like the writers didn’t know what to do with Wanda because there’s moments where they want her to be sympathetic but also wanted her to be a very ruthless villain. It made no sense for Wanda to go after American Chavez as we have no clue how she knew about her. Both characters lost their love ones through the Multiverse and I would connect them in work with each other to get what they want.

The score was very meh because it was very forgettable. Captain Carter was very cringe with her me too moment “I can do this all day” what an eye roll moment.

Overall 5.5/10

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is a very brutal and entertaining serial in the MCU we have seen. Lots of cool horror moments but they dropped the ball by not telling a decent story and choose to focus more on setting up the next chapters of the MCU. I would tell everyone to wait for the sequel to go on Disney Plus and save your money.


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