Marvel’s Moon Knight series is a Disaster!

With all six episodes finally out on Disney Plus I can finally write my season review on this God awful pile of shit series. If you are hoping for a “positive” review nope not here this series is the worst MCU series we’ve seen yet. Spoiler Review so you are warned.


Was there some good things out of the series? Yes I did like Ethan Hawke’s character as the main antagonist as Arthur Harrow who searches and become the Goddess Amett. He carried the series in my opinion. I thought Oscar Isaac did a decent job playing Marc and Steven. He did a decent job with his performance even tho he over acted with the English accent for Steven Grant.

There are a total of 28 minutes of Moon Knight in action we get in the series. It was good stuff but not enough for a series called Moon Knight.


The series is very predictable in terms of using the tired template that Kevin Feige has repeatedly done in past Marvel Studios Films and series. Keep teasing! Keep teasing! But we don’t deliver! That’s what the series did in all six episodes. We don’t get a whole lot of Moon Knight instead we get tippy moments and bad pace issues after episode six.

The CG wasn’t that great at all. There are a lot of issues with the CG. I don’t know what Moon Knight’s budget was, but the CG wasn’t great and most of it was save for the big fight in episode six between Khonshu and Amett. Which still looked horrible and funky. The series gave the audience a me too moment for Layla ,who’s played by May Calamawy who wasn’t bad as a female lead but by episode six we all knew she was gonna get super powers and get her own superhero moment which felt very forced and cringe.

Episodes three to five we don’t see anymore Moon Knight because the studio need to save their budget for a bad CG fight at the end of the season with Khonshu and Amett. Oscar Isaac overacted with his performance as Steven Grant. His English accent was over the top and some of the English slang was missed used.

If you wanted Jake Lockley the teased the hell out of him through out the series. We don’t finally get his introduction until the mid credit scene after the series is over.


Moon Knight series is easily the worst of the MCU Disney Plus series we gotten. It’s all over the place, over the top, and very predictable since Kevin Feige uses the same template for everything these days. I have a good feeling Miss Marvel series is going to be miles better than this piece of shit.


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