Titans Season 3 is the DC Series We’ve all been Waiting For

Titans Season three is the recent season of the live action Teen Titans and the DCU. The team moves to Gotham city, after a death in the family to Dick Grayson. A new anti-hero called Red Hood rises to challenge the Titans with Scarecrow as his partner. NO SPOILERS.


Audiences and DC fans will be very happy to watch a lot Titans in action. We see a lot of Nightwing in action for season three. As a Nightwing fan my complain from the past two season was the slow a built up for Dick to go from Robin to Nightwing. In season three new producer Greg Walker wanted more superhero action because they lack a lot of that in previous seasons. Greg Walker did a great job making sure his audience will see a lot of that in season three.

Greg Walker did a soft reboot and I thought it was on his part because season two left audience unhappy. Especially how they handled Donna Troy’s death. I enjoyed the side story with Starfire and Blackfire. I thought Joshua Orpin as Superboy was another positive highlight. We see a lot of Superboy using his Brain/genius power from Lex. I liked that part a lot because it shows how powerful Superboy is physically an mentally. He has the two best power from both worlds.

There’s a lot of Batman Easter eggs and references to past Batman stories and memorabilia. Bat fans will have a blast to finally see a comic book live action batcave. We are introduce to two new familiar bat characters from the comic books. Barbara Gordan makes her live action debut since the Bird of Prey series. She is played by Savannah Welch and Tim Drake played by Jay Lycurgo. I thought both actors did a great job with their characters.

I thought Jay Lycurgo as Tim Drake was the stand out. He brought a lot of the things I loved about Tim Drake such as his detective skills, his Fandome for Batman and Robin. He shared a great scene with Brenton who plays Dick Grayson. The series tries it’s best to correct things from previous seasons.


I think Bat fans, and Titans Fans, will have a tough time with the direction for other characters. If you Hank and Dawn from previous seasons you will be disappointed with the characters pushed to the side.

I thought it would be better to recast Curran Waters as Jason Todd, because it’s difficult to take him seriously as Red Hood. We still see some of the same whining issues with him. Some bigs are reveal about Barbara and how she knows Dick. Don’t expect any Batgirl and Robin stories sadly.

The origins of Starfire and Blackfire change will be very mixed for Teen Titans Fans. Vincent Kartheiser who plays Jonathan Crane I thought had a couple of good moments in the early episodes but was a dancing waste at the end. The story was all over the place because of four producers who are running the series.

Overall 7.5/10

Titans Season three is a big improvement from season two. It still has some bad moments but audience’s will see a lot of superheroe action and a lot of Batman Easter eggs or references.


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