Lucifer leaves us Wanting More

Part of the reason why it took me long to write the review of the final season of Lucifer was because of how I took my time watching the final season. I’ve been a long time fan of the series and it was tough knowing this was the last season. I am very happy fans like myself wanted Lucifer to be picked up by Netflix after it was shockingly cancelled on Fox. Season three left fans like myself in a giant cliff hanger. I am very happy Netflix saved the series and gave it new life. Now on to my review.


This season continue to focus on Chloe and Lucifer relationship, their next challenge especially after the season five finally. There’s a lot of great moments between Lucifer and Chloe from their highs and lows. The series has always been about their connection and we see it fulfilled in the series finale.

The chemistry between Tom Ellis and Lauren German has never missed a spark or their bond, and it continues at it’s fullest in season six. I loved episode three with Lucifer and Chloe becoming cartoon characters as how they try to help someone from their past from season one.

This season we are introduced to a new character name Rory (Brianna Hildebrand) who shares a connection to both Lucifer and Chloe. Rory is the new surprise and brings challenges for Lucifer. Tom Ellis change how audience might view Lucifer after his version of the character. The chemistry with Brianna who plays Rory was a joy to watch.

Within episode three I enjoyed side character focus of the episode of Amenadiel who became a LA Police Officer and had a run in with the races cop who pulled a gun on him. It was a very important episode and message the writer’s, crew, and cast wanted to share. D.B Woodside should star in his own series because he has the ability to be a lead.

We get a few tie the knot moments for Maze and Eve. They were fun moments between the characters and their relationship. My favorite character Ella continues to show she was the heart of the series in my opinion and has couple of about time moments on the final season.


For fans who wanted a character centric episode we don’t have that for the season finale. We get as side stories within the Lucifer and Chloe storyline but it’s very rushed.

Bring back Detective Douche Dan was not a smart idea because the writer’s did not know how to use him anymore and it was pointless since Lucifer, Amenadiel, and Maze can see him as a spirit.

OVERALL 7.5/10

It was a solid final season for Lucifer, but there is moments the stories and characters felt rushed and loses a step.


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