REVIEW: Titans Ep6 Season 3

Titans episode six is titled Lady Vic, who makes her live action debut and the episode centers around Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon’s past romantic relationship. Plus tension between Starfire and her sister Blackfire. MINOR SPOILERS


I was happy to see the Dick and Barbara’s romantic relationship was centered with a little bit of their history. However I enjoyed the sister tension between Starfire and Blackfire. As Blackfire tries to gain her sister and the Titans trust.

I did like the small moments between Superboy and Blackfire as they share a connection at being outsiders in their world. I was happy to see more of Superboy’s intelligence Super power on display again as he tries to redeem himself for failing to save Hank. The fight scenes are still above average.


I think fans will be disappointed with the flashback of the direction for Dick and Barbara as there relationship is built of hiest of jewelry. Their relationship in the flashback emulate Bruce and Selina’s relationship which is a face palm.

I found it random that somehow Lady Vic gets involved which felt force. I think it should’ve been a better decision to recast Jason Todd now that he’s Red Hood, because it looks like he takes a backseat again with Scarecrow.


I found the episode to be the lowest episode of season three. Lots of bad decision directions on the writers team.


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