REVIEW: Mortal Kombat Legends: Battle of the Realms

Mortal Kombat Legends: Battle of the Realms is a direct sequel to the hit animated series Mortal Kombat Legends Scorpion Revenges. In the animated sequel it’s now centered around Mortal Kombat chosen one Liu Kang. If you hated the reboot live action film on new character Cole Young the animated sequel will make you forget about that trashed film. MINOR SPOILERS.


We get a Mortal Kombat tournament that determines earthrealm fate against Sho Khan and Outworld. Joel McHale as Johnny Cage continues to be the scene stealer with his witty jokes. Especially his battle against D’Vorah. I enjoyed this film a lot than Scorpion Revenge. The brutal and gory violence is still there. The story is loosely based on The Mortal Kombat reboot video game.

I has happy to see Sub-Zero Jr, and Scorpion teaming together so they can save the releams. I thought the animated film did good job balancing two storyline between Liu Kang and Scorpion. Lots of characters from the recent video games makes appearances.

Lots of great action and fatalities moments that fans will be happy to see. A lot of the Shao Kahn and Liu Kang stuff was fantastic.


I think audiences who love Kung Lao and Stryker will be disappointed. The film pushes a lot of story into the film that could’ve break in to a third animated film.

There is moments where somethings that happened do not feel earned and are a copped out.

OVERALL 7.5/10

Even though I love Battle of the Realms more than Scorpion Revenges. There is problems with the sequel that fans will nit pick and critiques.


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