OPINION: My 9 Questions about Spider-Man No Way Home?

It’s been a while since I wrote an opinion piece, but there’s a lot of questions I have after watching the Spider-Man No Way Home trailer many times since it was released last night. The trailer in my opinion lived up to expectations but left me with more questions that won’t be answered until December 17th 2021.

9. Who Started the Multiverse?

In Loki’s series on Disney Plus is was revealed how the Multiverse Started after Sylvie killed one of e variants of Kang the Conqueror. However in the trailer it’s revealed Doctor Strange trigger the Multiverse after screwing up the spell for everyone to forget who Spider-Man was. I’m curious to how this plays out and if we get a connection to the events of Loki.

8. Is Charlie Cox back as Matt Murdock?

During the interrogation scene in the trailer from what appears to be Peter’s Lawer who slams a big paper package to the table with his face cropped out. Many audiences believe it’s Charlie Cox who returns as Matt Murdock. We know Charlie Cox canceled appearance for convention in July to reshoot rumored scenes for Spider-Man No Way Home. Many websites have reported he’s seen on set of Spider-Man No Way Home, and including Deborah Ann Woll who played Karen Page.

7. What is going on with Doctor Strange?

When Wong leaves Doctor Strange to probably fight the Abomination in the Shang Chi movie. He warns him not to do anything stupid. Clearly we know what he does for Peter since that’s our One More Day/Brand New Day nod to the comic books. Some theories believe he’s an evil version of Doctor Strange which we have yet to see yet since episode three does not come out until tomorrow. We do see a shot that has Doctor Strange fighting Spider-Man so there is a disagreement after the chaos was created. I wonder what cause their riff.

6. What Pushes Peter to make people forget he’s Spider-Man?

Leading to the One More Day/Brand New Day Story in Spider-Man’s comic books, the world knows Spider-Man identity after teaming up with Iron Man group in Civil War storyline. Post Civil War everything gets worse for Peter after the world learns his identity in the comic books just like “No Way Home,” and the comics Aunt May was attacked and put in a coma thanks to one of the Kingpin’s goons who place a hit out for Peter, but nearly kills Aunt May.

I’m curious if Ned, MJM, or Aunt May is attacked by someone who tries to kill Peter but the killer kills or seriously hurt someone close to him because he’s Spider-Man. I can see that as why he goes to Doctor Strange who was one of the three from the comic books who is a part of creating “Brand New Day.”

5. Alfred Molina Told the Truth?

Earlier this year Alfred Molina said Doc Oct returns mins before his death in Spider-Man 2 by getting zap into MCU Spider-Man universe. The bad cgi on Alfred Molina in the trailer may have confirmed this to be true, because he does appear to look younger like he did Spider-Man 2 than he does now. If true does this mean Tobey McGuire will be CGI to look like he did in Spider-Man 3?

4. Will Green Goblin get an updated new suit?

Now that it’s confirm William Dafoe is returning to play Green Goblin. If its true what Alfred Molina said, and if true knowing Norman’s Green Goblin suit was destroyed in Spider-Man 1. Will he get a new updated suit now that he’s in the MCU that is 20 years in advance? I re he gets a new suit that is less power rangers looking. It was one of the first things I thought after it was confirmed he’s returning.

3. Are the Villains Varants?

With the Varants of the same characters revealed in Loki’s series, and the Marvel’s What…If? Series is cannon to the MCU. What the versions we meet of Doc Oct, Green Goblin, Electro, Lizard, and Sandman are Varants who came from a universe that succeeded in killing their Spider-Man from their universe? It would make sense because Doc Oct turn good at the end of Spider-Man 2 as he saved New York at the end.

2. Who is part of the Sinister Six ?

We know Green Goblin, Doc Oct, and Electro who are confirm and will be part of the Sinister Six in the Spider-ManNoWayHome. We had a quick shot of what appears to be Lizard in the background in the trailer . We have yet to learn if Sandman from Spider-Man 3, and Michael Keaton’s Volture is returning. Rhys Ifans who played Lizard in The Amazing Spider-Man movie did not confirm he’s in No Way Home, and neither has Thomas Haden Church who played Sandman in Spider-Man 3.

We know Keaton’s Volture appears in Morphis movie so it’s a strong chance he return in the movie. I’m curious if Lizard or Sandman is from Tom Holland Spider-Man universe since we haven’t meet a new Spider-Man villain in the MCU. I am gonna guess the Sinister Six is Doc Oct, Green Goblin, Electro, Volture, The Lizard, and Sandman or new Shocker. The Six person of the team I believe is a huge mystery.

1. How Big of a role we will see from Tobey McGuire and Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man?

We didn’t see the previous Spider-Men in the No Way Home trailer but with Tobey McGuire ‘s Spider-Man villains from his trilogy headling Tom Holland Spider-Man No Way Home movie I believe he will have a big role than we thought he did. We know Kristen Dunst was seen around the time Spider-Man No Way Home was set to do reshoots in July. So where is he when his villains return an how does he jump into this along with Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man?


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