REVIEW: Marvel’s What If…? Episode 3

Episode three of Marvel’s What If…? Dropped yesterday. The premise of this What If episodes is The Avengers never formed and were killed off one by one. NO SPOILERS


I enjoyed the concept of a mysterious serial killer who is killing off the Avengers from their initiative Phase in Phase One. The mystery surrounding on who is the killer kept me invested in the episode.

I enjoyed some of the call backs from Iron Man 2, Thor, and The Incredible Hulk movies. The animation continues to be one of the biggest strengths from the series.


The last ten minutes of the episode was disappointing and a stretch to make this a what IF episode. Knowing that Hydra is using Shield as a front the possibility that any of the villains could’ve been the serial killer. The reveal if the episode made this a very disappointing episode.


The episode is centered around Nick Fury but the execution of the episode is a stretch in explaining the what if.


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