REVIEW: Loki Season Finale

Episode six of Loki will go down as another important part of the MCU. We finally get the big reveal we’ve wanted with a lot of answers reveal of the TVA and A lot more that unraveled in episode six. This will be a spoiler review.


Episode six went right for the big reveal from the beginning of the episode. We finally meet Jonathan Majors who was cast as Kang the Conqueror for Ant-Man 3 but in Loki we meet his human form Nathan Richards who is known as “He Who Remains.”

Jonathan Majors steals the entire episode with his charismatic performance. He’s going to be the next big villain as Kang in phase 4 and beyond in the MCU. We learn a lot of back story of the Multiverse and the war among the variants of Kang’s who fought to be the superior Multiverse.

We learn why Nathan Richards created the TVA and why there is no other Multiverse and why he locks away variants who alters the timeline. Even though we get a lot of big reveals we get more questions at the end. I like that in the Loki and Sylvie played the Adam and Eve role with Sylvie who triggers the Muliverse wars and variant of Kang fighting for the true Multiverse.


Don’t expect a whole lot of action in this episode.


Loki Series is the best Marvel Disney Plus series in my opinion. The series is the start of kicking off Phase Four in madness of Multiverse that will play out in Spider-Man and Doctor Strange. Jonathan Majors as Kang the Conqueror is the next great threat since Thanos.


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