REVIEW: Black Widow

Black Widow is about Natasha’s confronting her dark past and reconnecting with relationships that was broken before she became part of the Avengers. Black Widow is the first of many serial movies of the MCU phase four. MINOR SPOILERS


Scarlett Johansson is the best in her first solo Black Widow movie. She’s a bad mother efer that you don’t want to cross as Natasha Romanoff. It was great seeing Natasha one more time and A great send off to the character.

I enjoyed David Harbour as the Red Gaurdian who was another standout. He was fun and entertaining. I enjoyed his scenes with Florence Plugh and Rachel Weisz. The three of them felt like a family with him being the dad that tries to fit in.

The action scenes and the combat scenes looked fantastic. There’s a lot of Jason Bourne inspiration from the movie and story. I thought the directing by Cate Shortland was great with how she present everything on screen.


The opening credits scene with “smells like teen spirit” cover song was horrible choice for a sad moment in Natasha and Yolanda life. Because of the amount of trailers and pushed back because of Covid19 it felt like check point when I see a scene from the trailer.

I found Florence Plugh as Yolanda Lynes as missed cast. She came off very annoying, and over acted in her scenes. We do see some of the generic Marvel Studios stuff such as the bad one liners and bad comedy that’s an eye roll. The reveal of Taskmaster was disappointing an a reminder of Ironman 3.

No surprise the villain was disappointing and the revelations of what happen in Budapest with Hawkeye will disappoint some audience.

OVERALL 5.5/10

Black Widow is a watchable movie with an action packed adventure, but it’s a movie we should’ve gotten before Infinite War as the movie hypes that movie up since it ties into it. It’s not a bad movie but not great either. It’s still better than Iron Man 3.


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