REVIEW: The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Episode One

After a excellent series from WandaVision. Fans goes back into familiar territory of the world of Captain America, and the fallout to the conclusion of Steve Rogers story in The Avengers End Game movie. Where does his best friends forever in Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson goes from here?


The series has done a unkownly great job in connecting with the current world we are currently in. The MCU had a blip that life altered change everyone and we are having a life altered change as well with Covid19 and pandemic. Like the series we are slowly rebuilding back to normal.

I enjoyed getting to know Sam Wilson better when seeing him around his sister and her family makes him more connecting to the audience. Being a big brother to his sister and the cool uncle to his nephews. I thought that was a great way for audience who are not sold on him as the next man to carry the shield. It will help make him relatable and something to fight for.

I like the Bucky redeeming story. We didn’t see that in Captain America trilogy, but I’m glad it’s the focus from his narrative. He is struggling in finding a new path outside of the Winter Soldier stuff. The action scenes with Falcon in the beginning was cool and it felt like a welcome back to the world of the MCU after almost two year hiatus since End Game.


The plot is very predictable. With what Sam does with the shield Steve gave him at the end of End Game and consequences of making that decision instead of carry the shield as the next Captain America.

Some of the story points in the first episode felt slow. We know after WandaVision not to expect to much of a surprise in the first episode to carry into the second. Nothing from episode one blew me away and it felt like something generic like the MCU movies.

OVERALL: 7.5/10

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier episode one was not a bad start but a slow built up. Episode one was re-entrance to the MCU and what Sam and Bucky have been up to.


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