REVIEW: DC’s Titans Season 2

I watched the entire season two of DC’s Titans last year, but with life going in some many directions at the time I forgot to write a full review of season two. Since I recently re-watched season 2, because there is no season coming out until some time next year. I figured I write my review on season two, before writing about what to expect from season three which is now in production.


I really think Brenton Thwaites is the best Dick Grayson we have seen to date. He brings out more of Dick Grayson optimism in season two. We see Dick become the leader of the Titans and the value and respect the young heroes and his peers has for him. One of the best things about DC’s Titans is that it feels like a live action DCU from the comic books. Other than Brenton Thwaites performance as Dick Grayson. We get Deathstroke the Terminator making his debut on the show. This is the fourth live action appearance debut of Deathstroke on screen. Deathstroke/Slade Wilson is played by Esai Morales. This Deathstroke is more brutal than the Manu Bennet’s version of Deathstroke from the Arrowverse and his suit does not look like a goalie suit.

I enjoyed watching Curran Walters as Jason Todd the second Robin in the series. He is part of the main role in season two and he continues to brings out a lot of the Jason Todd’s bad qualities he had as Robin in the comic books. I love the relationship Jason had with Rose Wilson, who is played by Chelsea Zhang. Its very rare to see two different character from two different worlds and personality work out very good in the series as a couple. We get to meet Bruce Wayne in the series who makes his live action tv debut since Adam West played Bruce Wayne in the Batman 66 series. Ian Glen played a serious version of Adam West Bruce Wayne which worked out very good than I thought. Even though he is more older compared to Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne he does a great job stealing some scenes in the series.

His scenes with Brenton Thwaites shows the chemistry between their characters. We do see this Bruce Wayne in a fight match with Dick so Ian Glen for an older Bruce Wayne can hold his own an has a serious Bruce Wayne/Batman moments. Sadly we do not see him as Batman is this season but he did a great job bring his take on the iconic character. The most DC Superheroes episode is from Episode four called Aqualad. We get to see the Titans at their hay day when they were fully operations at Titans tower. Aqualad who is played by Drew Van Acker was very good in the episode and he is someone I wish we seen more of. I can see his Aqualad working with Jason Momoa’s Aquaman series. His suit was perposly made to fit in that Aquaman’s world.

One of the biggest surprises was Joshua Orpin as Superboy. His performance stole the series in my opinion. He makes he screen debut in episode six as Subject 13/Superboy. We also get to meet Krypto the superdog. Anytime we see Superboy on the screen he would steal the show. This version of Superboy is inline with Geoff Johns Superboy from his Teen Titans series. We finally do get to see Dick Grayson as Nightwing in season two and battle against Deathstroke like it is straight out of a Nightwing, or Teen Titans comic book which is a great moment in the series.

Conor Leslie who plays Donna Troy/Wonder Girl gets a lot more screen time in this season. She is another bright spot from the series. I can see her version of the character fit very well in Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman series. The fight scenes and action continues to be another great bright spot in the series. Some great Nightwing, and Titan moments.


Season two had way to many characters to juggle with. The subplots for Teagon Croft’s Raven, Anna Diop’s Starfire, Alan Ritchson’s Hawk and Minka Kelly’s Dove lead to no where in season two. All of these characters subplots did not help with the main plot besides adding a lot of drama that was not needed. The producers did not know what to do with Ryan Potter’s Beastboy in season two. He’s there and excited to become a superheroe and part of team that he feels belong to, and he gets victimize. There is a very bad story direction to how a character is killed off which many fans will be upset about.

How it is excited is very weak and one of the low points of the series. The writing on the series continues to be a rollercoaster. There is more high moments compared to season one but there is some serious low moments. The CG is still a mixed bag.

OVERALL 7.5/10

Season two has 13 episodes compared to season one. We get a lot of awesome DC moments. Great fight scenes between the heroes and villains. DC’s Titans gets better in season two despite it’s flaws.


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