OPINION: What to Expect from Titans Season 3

It’s been over a year since we last watch DC’s Titans. With no new season until next year because of the Pandemic. We are obviously getting a season three from Titans but will be seen on HBO MAX streaming services sometime next year. Lets talk about what we can expect from one of the most split DC series to date. SPOILERS.

Concept Art for Red Hood in DC’s Titans Season 3 on HBO Max owned by Warner Brothers.

Here is what is confirmed


What is confirmed is Curran Walter’s will suit up as the Red Hood in season three. It is unclear how he goes from Robin to Red Hood. In the comics we know Joker kills Jason Todd in a warehouse from Death in the Family story, and after twenty years later Jason was revealed to be alive from Batman Under the Hood story written by Judd Winnick in 2005, and how he survive and became Red Hood was told in Red Hood Lost Years by wrier Judd Winnick. It is not clear if Greg Walker who is the showrunner for this season will follow or uses influences from Death in the Family or Under the Hood comic book stories to bridge the gap to how Jason becomes Red Hood. With Season three pushed back to next year it is possible we will see a time jump for season three to make sense. I can see the series revealed in the beginning that Jason is dead and a mysterious Red Hood is killing criminals. I do not see him being a villain but the anti hero he is in the comic books.

Barbara Gordon

Barbara Gordon will make her first appearance on the series. This will be the 4th time we get to see Barbara Gordon in live action. It is unclear who will be playing Barbara in the series but with production already started she’s obviously been cast. It is confirm she will be GCPD new Commissioner. She will have issues with Dick’s Titans team operating in Gotham City.


We know Scarecrow will be in the series, but it is unclear what role he will be in. We’ve seen fear and creepiness’ in the series from Season one with Trigon and his disciples. The show was very dark and violence’s when compared to season 2 becoming more of a brighter tone. I believe Scarecrow will be a subplot for many of the characters who is on the team. He’ll probably be in the Doctor Light role in season two. He could be the main villain in the first half of the season.

Starfire, Raven, and Donna Troy

Starfire in the first two seasons has been all over the place. She is expected to have a much bigger role in the story plot. I remember hearing season three of Titans will focus on a lot of the Sci-Fi aspect of the DC Universe with Starfire. That was confirm by showrunner Greg Walker who said season three will be big for Starfire. Season two introduce Blackfire and she is rumored to be the main villain in this season. Hopefully this is the season Starfire gets her due since she has not been used as good as she should.

Greg Walker has discussed plans for Donna Troy played by Conor Leslie. There is plans for the character to return but her role remains to be quiet. So we should be seeing some of Wonder Woman’s home Themyscira and Donna evolving from Wonder Girl to Troia by the end of the season. I think her story would be bigger if HBO Max picks up a season four.

We know Raven went with the Amazons to Themyscira at the end of season two. Raven played by Teagan Croft who is one of the bright spots of the series. She will obvious play a huge role in bring back Dona Troy because of her powers. Expect Raven and Donna being a subplot to this season while Starfire vs Blackfire will a main plot in the first half or second half of this season.


Hawk and Dove

We know Alan Ritchson has signed on to a new series on Amazon Prime he will be playing the lead Jack Reacher in the Amazon Prime series. This might be the last time we see Alan Ritchson in the series after season three as Hawk. I am not saying he will be killed off but I am sure Greg Walker has plans for Hawk and Dove to conclude after season three, since Alan Ritchson is moving on to a new series that I am sure he is very committed to. As for Minka Kelly we know her relationship ended with Hank at the end of season two it’s not clear yet what her direction will be in the series. We might see her and Dick rekindle what their relationship once was, because they have history before her an Hank became more than friends.

Gotham City

Titans will be spending season three in Gotham City. This will set up a lot of awesome cameos and comic book references to Batman and his mythology. We know Ian Glen will return to the series since there is set photos of Wayne Manor. It is not clear yet if we will see Ian Glen suit up as Batman, but the chances are higher since the series will be in Gotham and we will see Wayne Manor and probably the batcave. Plus AT&T is very laidback with Batman and his world getting used in TV more. After Gotham tv series ended the TV rights went back to WarnerMedia and are now more care free using more Batman or Bat Family stuff in TV.

With Ian Glen introduce as a older Batman it’s possible something happen to Bruce because of his age and with the lost of Jim Gordan and Jason Todd he’s probably mentally exhausting to continue as Batman, which is why he’s asking Dick to move his team to Gotham so he could take a break to reestablish himself like he did after Infinite Crisis written by Geoff Johns.

Titans Team

The team will probably be made up of Nightwing, Beast Boy, Superboy, Dove, Rose, Starfiire, and Jericho. As we seen in the first two season Hank cannot continue because of how he has permitted injuries. We have heard RUMORS of Tim Drake making his long awaitd debut as the third Robin. There has not been any confirmed information if that will happen, because the series has a lot of characters the juggle around with.


Expect some time jumps in season 3. With the season pushed to 2021 instead of it’s original Fall 2020 date. I expect some time jumps like after episode one in season two timed jump six months later. I can see season three taken place a few years after season two. I can see the first episode taken place a couple of months after season two with some surprise cliff hangers.

Bigger Budget

Now that Titans has moved to HBO Max I expect AT&T to invest more in the Titans series to give it a better quality. Under the DCU app they did not have a big budget hints the CGI problems. With Scarecrow, and present a big Sci-Fi adventure with Starfire the budget needs to be bigger than what it was before. Superboy needs to look great with cgi.

That’s all for Now

Season three has begin shooting and I expect we will hear more casting announcement by the end of 2020. Who knows there will be other surprises and characters that might pop up in the series. Titans season three will be in Gotham so expect a lot of Bat surprises in this season. Season three will premiere on HBO Max sometime in the fall or late summer next year. It is unclear how many episode there will be for this season. However I expect the story writing to be a lot better this time around.


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