Harley Quinn Season Two Review

Season Two of Harley Quinn ended today. So far no news if there will be a third season of Harley Quinn yet. If you’re one of the many people who have not watch the Harley Quinn series yet. I highly recommended readers to watch it. Season one is currently playing on the SyFy network channel. If you’re a Batman fan you need to watch this show because its the closes to having a mature Batman animated series.


Kaley Cuoco did a fantastic job voicing Harley Quinn through out the series. She has become one of my favorite actress to voice Harley Quinn. She brought a lot of fun energy with Harley Quinn. Each episode of season two become better with the next episode the following week. The best part of the series is not knowing where the series was going with each story being told. I also need to mention how fantastic Lake Bell was who voiced Poison Ivy. How she presented the character and finding Ivy’s voice as the calmness to Harleys craziness. The dynamic relationship with Harley and Ivy is beautifully done and similar to the comics but better than the comics in my opinion.

The character who steals the Harley Quinn series in my opinion is Bane who is voice by is James Adomian. If you love Tom Hardy’s Bane voice from The Dark Knight Rises. This version of Bane is worth the watch of Harley Quinn series. One of my favorite episodes is episode seven of season two. Its a very Bane centered episode and so many awesome Bane moments that will make you love this show even more. The show does a great job caring about other characters from Harley’s group. I enjoyed Alan Tudyk who voiced so many characters in the show. He was awesome job at voicing the Joker and Clayface. You would not think its the same voice actor who is voicing different characters because of how good Alan does at hiding his voice.

I enjoyed James Gordon who continue to be one of my favorite versions of James Gordon in the series. This show puts James Gordon in a fun awesome way that I didn’t know would work. Hearing Diedrich Bader reprising his voice as Batman again is something special like when Kevin Conroy returns to voice Batman again in my opinion. Doctor Psycho became the perfect villain for Harley Quinn in the series. He’s funny and can be menacing when he is serious.


My biggest issue from the series is that there was not enough episodes because both season one and two felt short and fast.


Harley Quinn series is fun, raunchy, and tons of brutal violence. The series does a great job respecting the characters from the comic book material, but add some new layers to the characters we would never think of seeing before. I highly recommend readers to watch this show on the DCU Streaming services or on the SyFy channel.


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