Doom Patrol Season Two Episode’s One through Three Review

One of my favorite shows from last year Doom Patrol returns for a second season. The show is now streaming the first three episodes on two streaming services. Its on the DC Universe app and the new HBO Max streaming services app. I wish this show was available everywhere because its one of the best DC series that was out last year. If you’re a fan of Being Human and Supernatural you will love Doom Patrol. My review will have No Spoilers.


The writing on Doom Patrols season two continues to be the biggest strong point of why the series is a huge success. The series has so much human emotion, heart, comedy, and action adventure all in one. This season is about the amount of emotional pain each character suffers mentally. The Music score of each of the first thress episodes makes each episode or scene stronger. Especially when capturing the emotional pain all of these characters experience, and express it in other emotions.

Each character continues to have their own story/character arc like in season one, but are now remembering other moments that they wish they can take back or learning about a memory they forgot happen. The writing for each of their character arc while connecting to the main season two plot so far is balance out. Each character is give about five to ten minutes with their own personal story or bring out flash backs that will be related to the main plot or the relationship some of the characters have develop and where they are now. If you’re a Supernatural fan and missed watching Crowley on Supernatural. Mark Sheppard returns to the second season of Doom Patrol in a recurring role as Willoughby Kipling from the first season. He plays a chaotic magician who has similar personality to Crowley. If you want to see more Mark Sheppard he is on Doom Patrol.

My favorite Characters from Doom Patrol is Crazy Jane and Robotman from the first season. However in the second season I’ve enjoyed watching Rita Farr who is played by April Bowlby. Her character continues to evolve into a strong leadership role within the Doom Patrol family. She is the most evolve character within the show since we met her in the back door pilot from Titans Season one episode four. Rita has become the character who is taking charge and is the heart of the Doom Patrol family. In the first three episodes she is interacting with almost everyone and shows how different her relationship is with each character, and what they mean to her. She is the glue to keep the Doom Patrol family together no matter how tough, ugly, and crazy things become in the first three episodes.


I enjoyed Joivan Wade as Cyborg and I liked him a lot in the first episode of season two, however he is taken into a different direction in the second episode. I think his character arc is finding love or affection by someone, because he does not feel comfortable in his own body. It feels like the writers do not know what to do with Cyborg in season two since they have a plan for each of the other main character. His arc is very slow and it does feel like I’m watching a different series, But I am hoping that changes next in episode four and he’s back with his peers at the mansion.


Doom Patrol Season Two continues their success after season one. The series is one of the best imaginative written series that is currently out there. The series still continues to take a lot of huge swings and most of them are home runs. Doom Patrol continues to show that there is a lot of heart, and is written extremely well. I highly recommend readers to watch this series. The first three episodes of season one is free to watch on YouTube as a celebration the second season release today.


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