The Flash Season 6 Premiere: TV Review

After the fallout in season 5, The Flash Season six premired with a promising start for season 6. Team Flash is back as the road and build up to Crisis on Infinite Earth crossover starts with The Flash season 6 premiere. (Minor Spoilers Below)


The premier episode is 4 months later after the season 5 finale, with Iris and Barry learning how to move forward after the tragic conclusion from the season 5 finale. Both characters are handling it in different ways, but how this episode brings them together for closer worked well in the episode.

Barry finally has the chinstrap back on his Flash suit which looks perfectly straight out of the Comic books. The chinstrap added to the mask makes his suit look a million times better. The Flash continues to bring some pop culture moments with Cisco which I believe Flash Gordon fans and Queen fans will enjoy.

I enjoyed Caitlin Snows sub plot story by allowing Killer Frost to learn how to have a life of her own instead of depending on her just to fight the bad guys. That will be very entertaing subplot which Ralph Digny wants to help her with.


The premire episode doesn’t do a great job balancing every thing and tries to showcase to much. It’s still a question mark as to where season 6 will go. We get our villain of the week, with built up to the villain of the season, and many subplots and a reminder that the Crisis is coming as we already know.

I didn’t think they needed to add a villain of the week into the premier and should of focus more on Ramsey Rosso played by Sendi Ramamurthy who will be known as Bloodwork. He is easy forgettable in the premier because of so much is happening in one episode.


Season 6 premier episode will have a lot of fun moments, action moments, heartful moments, and has the potential to be a good season after watching episode one of the new season.


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