My Opinion: Future of the MCU

It’s been awhile since I have write about the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With The Avengers End Game, and the Infinity Saga over after 10 years of build up and their conclusion. Marvel Studios is in a very unknown direction moving forward for the first time. We know we get five movies in Phase Four. With Spider-Man leaving the Marvel Cinematic Universe after his third Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider-Man film. He will be going back to Sony’s planned Spider-Verse. The big question with Spider-Man out who will be the centered superhero character for Marvel Studios next stages of the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. (Possible Spoilers)

Black Widow

We know the next MCU movie will be Black Widow movie which will be a flash backed story. Even though we know what happens to her in End Game their is a potential she could come back. Remember what Red Skull said if you return the soul stone you can bring a soul back in exchanged. It would not surprised me if she is back in the ending credits, and we get that Steve Rogers and Red Skull moment. Their is a reason Kevin Feige waited until now to finally do a Black Widow movie. With her strong popularity from the general audiences it is possible she will be the new leader in the New Avengers as we seen hints of her in End Game being the leader to keep everyone communicating with one another, and she could be the centered character moving forward putting her in that Iron Man/ Captain America role.

Scarlett Johannson has shown she can lead her own movie as we seen her with the Lucy movie. Fans love Black Widow and I know a lot of my friends and people on social media are still upset they killed off Black Widow in End Game. I would not be surprised if she is brought back from the dead in the mid or ending credit. Remember Captain America First Avenger in a way was a flash back movie and the ending of that movie brought Steve Rogers into the current world. It is possible Kevin Feige is using a similar blue print with the Black Widow movie. If she returns from the dead the buzz for the MCU would be again huge, and could bring people back. I am not sure if she will be in the Iron Man role but I do see her in the Captain America role in being the leader of the New Avengers.

Doctor Strange

I remember when they were looking to cast Doctor Strange years ago, their was rumors and reports from varies websites that Doctor Strange would be the MCU next centered Iron Man for future movies. It is still a possibility, because other then Spider-Man 3, the Doctor Strange sequel is the other hyped movie in the phase four slate. Audiences loved or enjoyed the first Doctor Strange movie, and he was centered a lot in Infinity War with Tony Stark, and played a big role in how he knew the conclusion of End Game to defeat Thanos. Before Iron Man saves everyone in End Game, Doctor Strange and Tony Stark shared a moment before he garbed the infinity stones. It is possible that scene can be viewed as passing the baton to Doctor Strange, after the End Game. If Doctor Strange: Multiverse Madness makes a lot of money and is critically reviewed positive. I can see Doctor Strange in the Iron Man role.

Black Panther

With the success financially and critical reviews of Black Panther. He could be the next centered Iron Man. We have no idea what is going on with Wakanda because T’challa was blip out and has been gone for five years. Base on the scene with Black Widow communicating with Okoye who is leading Wakanda since the blip. It is possible T’Challa allows Okoye or Shuri become the new Queen and leader of Wakanda, As he sees one of them being the better leader for Wakanda. This can free up T’Challa going on his own journey to learn more from the outside world and potentially being the leader of the new Avengers and the centered character for the MCU moving forward because his duties as King are done. We know the next Black Panther movie will be in the phase five slate, but it is still a possibility. I kind of see Black Panther or T’Challa in more of the Thor role, because of the mirror royalty birthright, and relationship with their fathers.

Captain Marvel

There is potentially she could be viewed as the centered of the MCU and the next Iron Man for the MCU. Since Carol Danvers became the new Captain Marvel in the comic books she has been heavily involved with the Avengers stories, and centered around many of the Marvel main event series. The marketing for Captain Marvel movie presented that she could be the center superhero in the next phases of the MCU going forward. However audiences are mixed about Brie Larson, and even tho her movie made a billion dollars thanks to Disney marketing team making the general public believing they had to see her movie to know the character because of how she was advertise in the End Game trailers and posters as playing key role in the movie which never happen and she only had 15 minutes of screen time. Many I know how are invested in the MCU movie stories felt cheated or betrayed for buying a ticket to see Captain Marvel since there was no payoff for her in End Game, like their was with Doctor Strange and Black Panther in the Infinity War movie.

The Enternals

I am sure the Enternals movie will play a big role in what the next saga will be moving forward with. For those who do not know who the Enternals are they are similar to DC’s New Gods, and both of those worlds and characters are created by the GOAT Jack Kirby. I am hoping the Enternals movie introduces Galactus who potentially can be the next Thanos in Kevin Feige next giant Marvel saga now that they have bought Fox. Galactus is known for eating planets and I cannot think of what better villain could potentially top Thanos as the big centered villain to bring The Avengers, Fantastic Four and the X-Men together to stop him. I can’t see them doing the Enternals movie without them introducing Galactus in the movie. Even tho the Enternals are not popular I believe their movie will be very important in terms of the direction the MCU will be going in the future.

My Final Thoughts

I believe one if not two of the four leading characters will be in the Iron Man role and Captain America role moving forward in the Marvel Cinematic Universe future since Spider-Man is now out after his MCU trilogy. Thinking of it now as I am writing my opinion. I kind of see Black Widow, Doctor Strange, Black Panther and Captain Marvel mirroring Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, and Hulk back in phase one. I can see Black Widow being the most humanizing character like Steve Rogers, Doctor Strange as the mad scientist like Tony Stark but instead he’s the mad magician, Black Panther like Thor who is royalty and wants to bring two worlds together and learn from the outside world like Thor did, and Captain Marvel in the Hulk role who is there when she needed to put out the big fires out. I know these are stretches and nobody could ever replace Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Thor and Hulk.

However for the new Avengers team those roles need to be filled with someone. I will tell people even though Tony, Steve, and Peter soon to be gone. Do not bet against Kevin Feige. He knows how to plan a structured stories in the MCU. He will find away to suck you back into the MCU as long as he is the person in charge. For starters They already announced a Blade movie in the MCU, which will be introducing the horror side of the MCU since we haven’t seen that side yet.


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