The Boys Season One: Review

If you don’t know what The Boys is about, it is about a normal group of blue color heroes who go after corrupt super heroes, who have ruin their lives in the worst possible way, and can get away with it because they’re Superheroes who are worship and idealized by the world. The Boys is base on a comic book title by Dynamite Entertainment created by Garth Ennis, and Darick Robertson who wanted to do a story about superheroes who live in a very relativistic world and become corrupt by their celebrity status. This is a must new show I would highly recommend for the summer if you’re looking for something new to watch. By the end of this series you might hate superheroes. (Minor Spoilers)


One of the many things I enjoyed about The Boys, is that it is an 8 episode season, with 1 hour per an episode. It does not feel too long or too short. 8 episodes is a great format for Amazon Prime TV product. The show stars Karl Urban as Billy Butcher who is obsess with destroying superhero Homelander played by Antony Starr who is fantastic is this series. Homelander is the Superman in the world of The Boys, who is the biggest superheroes of them all and is the leader of the Seven. The Seven is basically the Justice League of this world. Our main character is Hughie Campbell known as “Wee.” He is played by Jack Quaid, who is the self righteous main character, who is afraid to take risk when we first meet him. When he suffers a tragic loss in his life his whole world is completely flip upside down. Jack Quaid is one of the big highlights from season one. The actor does a great job carried the series, and his chemistry with Karl Urban is fantastic. The two actors show great chemistry since the first episode and their friendship evolves over season one.

The supporting cast of The Boys group from Las Alonso (Monther’s Milk), Tomer Kapton (Frenchie), to Karen Fukuhara who is known as Katana from David Ayer’s Suicide Squads movie who plays Mimiko or as The Female in the show are great additions to the show. A lot of the dark comedy comes from Frenchie and Mother’s Milk is exicuted great in the show. Mimiko’s origin is one of the subplots in the first season and ties into our main story plot by the end of the season one with Homelander’s secret plan. Another thing I enjoyed from The Boy’s show is the many twist from the show. The show is not a direct shot from shot of the first 6 issues of the story from The Boys in the comic book series. The collaboration from executive producer of Eric Krpke who created the Supernatural tv series, Garth Ennis, and comic book fan producer Seth Rogan made some changes from the book that worked perfectly for the show, because the show is not predicable. The last episode of this season is going to have a lot of jaws dropping from audiences who are into the TV series.

The action fight scenes in the show is well done. We get a lot of gruesome moments in the first season. The fight scenes with The Female and Black Noir is a great hand to hand fight scene in the first season. The Boys is action packed if you want a lot of action in your shows.


There is some awkward moments that did not execute well on screen with some of the characters, through out the series. I was not a fan of The Deep character who is the Aquaman of the show played by Chace Crawford. The character does not add anything to the story in the later episodes. It felt like the producers did not know what to do with him, an wasted a lot of time that could’ve been used else where. Queen Maeve who is the Wonder Woman of the the show, who is played by Dominique McElligott. Queen Maeve was good in the early episodes, but they try to cramp some of her life outside of the superheroes world that did not payoff to anything in this season.

OVERALL: 8.5/10


Garth Ennis’s The Boys brings a new take on the superheroes trend that is every where from TV and movies. The boys has a lot of great moments in the first season. There’s great characters development with the group the Boys and Hughie Campbell’s journey from episode 1 into where he is in episode 8. This is an action pack. dark comedy show, and a great story for audiences who are not familiar with the comic book series. Karl Urban’s Billy Butcher and Antony Starr’s Homelander is the biggest highlight from the show. The pacing of 8 episodes is perfect, because the main story is move at a great pace, and we get some payoffs and some surprise twists that fans of the book and audiences wont see coming. Highly recommend for audiences who are looking for something new to watch.


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